The bottom ventilation + filters of this ultra-thin stovetop keeps your home odor-free!

The foods I enjoy cooking the most, the ones that remind me of my Filipino childhood, are also the least ideal for my apartment’s older cooking unit. They require long simmer times, large pots, and well, are a bit pungent. They’re a hassle to make, so I can never enjoy them. It’s a shame because cooking can be a soothing, comforting experience. But that process requires the right equipment.

The BORA X Pure stovetop takes away all the undesirable aspects of a typical cooking surface. The first thing you notice is its flat, minimal design. The stovetop itself is only 200mm thick, which means the unit can be installed without taking up significant storage space below. The electric surface allows for extra-wide cooking zones, to accommodate larger pots and pans (perfect for those homey stews). It also has a compact set of touch controls embedded in its surface, which contributes to its elegant, minimalist appearance.

However, the BORA X Pure’s most notable feature isn’t related to its cooking abilities at all: it’s the exhaust filter. Let me explain. Unlike most stove/oven units, which have a ventilation chimney installed above, the BORA has embedded its filter in the cooktop itself. Why does this matter? First of all, the downdraft ventilation system contributes heavily to the BORA’s minimal design. Second, an overhead filter does not get cleaned often (speaking from personal experience), because the food splatter isn’t immediately visible. Out of sight, out of mind. But this means that, when someone (aka me) finally looks at the damage, it is quite filthy.

The BORA X Pure designed an exhaust system that would be as easy to clean as possible. The filters sit inside a wide, circular inlet embedded in the cooktop. They’re easy to remove, and all the pieces that come into contact with the cooking vapors, including the filter’s lid, are dishwasher safe. Also, and this is the last thing I will mention about the filter, the BORA X Pure’s ventilation system is silent and effectively eliminates odor. The exhaust fan above my apartment’s stove is loud enough to overpower my laptop speakers, yet barely stops my smoke alarm from ringing. (The after-smell, by the way, is just a given – you can’t fight it.)

Clean-up is one of the least enjoyable aspects of cooking, and it is more inconvenient with subpar appliances. You use your stovetop daily, which means that seemingly minor improvements, like an embedded vapor filter, can greatly improve your experience. It’s a small luxury, but one that many apartment-dwellers like myself would love to have.

Designer: BORA Vertriebs Gmbh & Co KG