This luxurious full-body massager with hidden speakers fits your interiors while keeping you stress free

The problem with purchasing a personal massage chair isn’t just the hefty price tag: it’s the hefty bulk of the chair itself. Massage chairs, especially high-quality ones, take up a lot of space. The Nouhaus, on the other hand, offers an enticing alternative: a high-quality massage packed into a space-efficient package.

Compared to similar products, the Nouhaus fits within a midrange price point, providing a deeply satisfying massage without breaking the bank. Standard massage chairs use either an S-track chair frame, which only reaches the length of the spine, the Nouhaus uses a hybrid L/S-track, which extends under the buttocks and thighs. The Nouhaus also features airbag massagers around the waist and pelvis, which offer a deeper, more relaxing experience. Also, like many higher-end chairs, it includes manual adjustments so you can fit the rollers to your body height.

The Nouhaus gives an incredible massage, but it also is a beauty in its own right. Even though the chair is quite large, it’s no bigger than your average recliner. Its plush cushions help create the ultimate relaxation experience. The chair even has Bluetooth speakers embedded in the headrest, adding to the immersion. Basically, if you could afford to upgrade your standard reclining armchair with a full-body massager, why wouldn’t you?

This Project is a 2020 Red Dot: Product Design winner.

Designer: Nouhaus