Rewarding the Procrastinators

So maybe no one else will want to sit on your dirty clothes, but you can reward your bad behavior with the Martino Hamper! It’s a combination chair and laundry basket that is only usable when you’ve neglected your laundry duties. It’s a humorous exploration at impromptu design inspired by the fast paced furniture collage style of Martino Gamper.

Designer: Brandon Washington


  • As you move closer to compliment her on her tan, you notice that it is smeared in several places and is more of a festive orange than a sexy bronze.
    Drinking hot beverages and contact with toothpaste
    can strip the color of your tan from areas around your mouth, so be careful.
    But when this time comes around, insecurities start to pop out in even the
    most confident of individuals.

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