Porsche Design lounge chair is a geeky napping pod for workaholics

Porsche Design’s timeless elegance and functional design reflects in the fair share of furniture pieces the creative house has released so far. Adding to the growing list of furniture designs in Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s brand collection for home and office.

Taking the elegance of the brand name into the smart furniture design territory for public spaces, or for that matter, Porsche’s own lounge space is this relaxing sofa pod that can be oriented in any set of configurations.

Designer: PDF Haus and Suhyeon Kwak

The design team has penned this lifestyle office furniture for Porsche Design’s resting area to create a balance between work and rest. The design of the pod completely secludes the user from the rest of the world, and doesn’t miss out on the geeky aspect. This ergonomically comfortable chair supports the user’s lower back and shoulders depending on the body shape for complete relaxation during breaks. It also comes with a recliner function for the odd nap to recharge the body’s battery.

There’s space on one side of the chair to keep books, tablet or snacks. A wireless charging island gives you complete freedom to stay put in place in the pod if you get anxious when the mobile device battery starts to dip. On the outside of the lounge chair, the ambient light changes color depending on the active status of the user. Each of these lounge chairs can be used individually or arranged in any configuration as desired.

Contrasting monochrome color variations of the lounge chair in light and dark grey will go well with any amenity space. Of course, it keeps up with Porsche Design’s signature monochrome hues, matched with the clean lines. The leather upholstery is elegantly done to keep up with the Porsche Design DNA, and maintain the definitive element of automotive sportiness too.