This air purifier is so slim, it’s designed to look like a painting hanging on your wall

Now here’s an appliance that makes a conscious effort to not look appliance-y (if that’s a word). While it’s usually a great practice for designers to make their tech beautiful enough to adorn your homes, there’s something rather clever about how the Sauberair FLAT purifier approaches this direction.

The Sauberair FLAT uses sleekness to its advantage. By being perhaps the only purifier to reach a thickness of approximately 3½ inches, the Sauberair FLAT disguises itself as a piece of wall-art you can hang around your home. By serving a more defined aesthetic purpose instead of just looking decor-friendly, Sauberair FLAT’s approach to tech is similar to the one found in Samsung’s TVs with their Ambient Modes, that displayed the pattern on the wall behind it, to cloak its appearance instead of looking like a massive black square when switched-off.

The sleek air-filters come in three variants. A ‘LITE’ version that requires you to manually switch it on, a ‘PLUS’ IoT-enabled version that uses automatic air-sensors to detect and filter air when it senses a quality-drop, and perhaps my favorite, the ‘BT PLUS’, which not only runs automatically, but even comes with integrated Bluetooth speaker, making it perhaps the only air purifier to be able to pump out fresh air as well as fresh beats! All variants rely on the same format, and fit into the same 3½ inch framework. Designed to be sleek enough to mount on the wall, the purifier’s intakes and exhausts are built around the sides, keeping the front-face intact for your art. The purifier hangs directly on your wall, although you can choose a standing version too. The art sits within a wooden frame (available in three colors – brown, white, and black) and can easily be removed to reveal the purifier beneath.

The Sauberair FLAT purifiers come with a smartphone app that lets you run the device as well as monitor the quality of air in real-time. A manual mode lets you choose the intensity of the purifier, going from a quiet whirr to a more powerful speed setting (if the air inside the house is on the unhealthy side). Moreover, if you opt for the Bluetooth variant, you can even connect the purifier’s speaker to your phone, using it to play music, podcasts, or even be your alarm. The app even tells you when to replace the filter, a task made incredibly easy thanks to the Sauberair FLAT’s sleek design. Just pop the artwork off and you’ll see the filter below a two-piece plastic panel. The old filter come out with a snap, and new filter can just be press-fitted in. The purifier’s wind-flow pattern results in a filter that is as sleek as it’s effective. The thin filter-unit comes with a pleated sub-HEPA filter on the inside, designed to work thrice as effectively as a standard HEPA filter. It catches pollen, bacteria, molds, dust-mites, and even pet-dander, while also working to reduce VOCs and harmful chemicals like Carbon Monoxide or smoke in the air. The purifier comes with a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 136, outperforming Dyson’s score of 88 to deliver more clean air faster around your house. You can even use multiple Sauberair FLAT purifiers together and sync them to work in tandem, keeping your air clean and your house beautiful. Oh, and yes, you can fit your own artwork into the frames!

Designers: Sauberair Team

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Sauberair FLAT: An Art Display Air Purifier With Wireless Stereo

The Sauberair FLAT is an ultra-thin air purifier disguised as an art display. Features built-in smart sensors to detect, monitor the indoor air quality like PM1, PM2.5, VOCs, CO2 and humidity, temperature, and you can check them and modify the filtering mode on the app anytime, anywhere.

Results That Can Be Seen & Measured

Sauberair FLAT works similarly to the hospital filtration system to protect you and your family from exposure to the allergen, aerosol, droplet, bacteria, germs, virus, etc.

Thinnest Air Purifier On The Wall

With a thickness of only 3.5in (9cm), Sauberair FLAT still reaches a high clean air delivery rate (CADR) suitable for most room sizes, capable of cleaning a 207ft² (19m²) space within 12 minutes or a 345ft² (32m²) room in 20 minutes.

CADR is a must-have indicated value for an air purifier. However, it is not scientific nor economic to pursue the largest CADR value without referring to the area of your room.

Economical and 7-in-1 Filtration System Frame

Sauberair FLAT has a low maintenance fee which is equivalent to only 1/7 or 1/8 of others. Thanks to its patented technologies in the design of the one-of-a-kind filter-aerodynamic system, it fulfills its duty to keep your breathing air clean and cheap. It features a two-stage filtration for an all-round purification: an activated carbon pre-filter that eliminates odors, pet hair and other large particles, and a fine, pleated filter that traps harmful smoke, airborne pollutants and aerosol.

Superior to some competitors who flaunt using true-HEPA filters (with MERV values of 17) which are prohibitively expensive to replace, and what’s worse, can slash the filtration effectiveness as a result of the reduced airflow from the overly-dense filter fibers, Sauberair FLAT uses a self-developed and accredited filter with significantly lower cost and equivalent filtration effectiveness.

Their repeated experiments and tests have replicated the results shown in the research papers and corroborated the science behind FLAT: Increasing airflow exchange rates acts as a factor even more crucial to improve filter efficiency than the deployment of HEPA filters. Using a better sub-HEPA filter, which is as effective but more affordable, FLAT goes to great lengths to achieve an air circulation volume so high that it compensates the vertex of the efficiency curve at 0.3 microns (MPPS) therefore boosts the overall filtration effectiveness.

FLAT uses the most reliable non-woven fiber material filter, thick and heavy. It guarantees high dust-holding-capacity. In other words, it has a longer lifespan, and the airflow will not reduce rapidly (still keeping high filtration effectiveness) when accumulating mass dust. The long-term cost for replacing filters can be significantly cut down, for this will dramatically extend your filter replacement schedule for up to three years.

Changing the filter is easy too, which takes less than one minute.

Gorging On Particulates, Not Electricity

Thanks to its cutting-edge aerodynamic circulation system and energy-saving approach, Sauberair FLAT’s custom made BLDC motor, which is thin yet forceful, consumes fewer energy and generates less noise.

FLAT runs automatically at 1-2 wind speed in most cases, which is extremely power saving. The power consumption is only 1.7W at the lowest speed, and the minimum operating speed can be as low as 1.1W in sleep mode. Even with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules both on, the standby power consumption is 0.6W, an astonishing world record low.

With a maximum power consumption of 36W at the highest speed, when Sauberair FLAT is working 24/7/365, it only adds an average of $8/year to your electricity bill. The maximum noise level is just 60dB – as of a normal conversation – when operating at its peak capability.

Know & Manage What’s In The Air

Sauberair FLAT is equipped with a high-sensitivity laser sensor to detect suspended aerosols and the newest sensor from Germany to monitor environmental parameters. It offers five-speed settings in manual, auto, and sleep modes. In auto and sleep modes, FLAT automatically and intelligently adjusts its fan speed based on the air quality it senses. So you just sit back and enjoy healthier, fresher air.

It comes with an easy-to-operate App that provides you with full control of the Sauberair FLAT. It brings you a clear view of the air quality in real-time via indices like PM1.0, PM2.5, IAQ, equivalent CO2, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc. The LED light on top of Sauberair Flat pointing to the wall changes colors to indicate the current air quality in the room.

Sauberair FLAT deploys a unique world-leading ClogSense™ Technology which alerts you to replacing the filter at the exact time when it becomes saturated.

Two Sauberair FLAT can be connected in series and used simultaneously to double the filtration coverage and ability in capturing the harmful airborne particles. It expands the functions in monitoring real-time air quality and reacting automatically to adjust cleaning levels. At the same time, the speakers built in the separate FLATs can co-work together playing stereo music from your smartphone wirelessly.

What’s more, when used as Bluetooth speakers to play music while filtering, one Sauberair FLAT can act as a left channel and the other as the right channel, and together they deliver the best stereo sound quality with good soundstage and detail.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $699 (43% 0ff). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!