Hover Carts Make Plane Rides Easy


The most annoying part of any meal service mid-flight is when a passenger wants to get past the flight attendant and squeeze down the narrow aisle. The Cart line is a solution to this very common problem. You see, Murphy’s Law is always at play … you will always get the urge to use the restroom just when its next to impossible! So it’s either this functional cart that gets stowed overhead or upgrade to First Class.

Designers: Chiao-Chun Ni, SU-Min Wu, Kuan-Ting Chen & Yao-Ting Huang


Slide Rail
The cart is guided by a set of rails overhead.

Brake Device & Handle
The brake makes the cart steadier and safer when overhead, avoiding collapse caused by turbulence. The breaks are automatically activated when the attendant is not pushing the device.


This design also benefits the ergonomy of the attendants. When getting things in our out of the cart they need not bend down, this avoiding long term occupational injuries.