Towering 4,049-piece Hulkbuster LEGO set for Iron Man fans’ delight

Hulkbuster suit is Iron Man’s most ambitious build and now it is coming to the LEGO realms to the delight of fans. Even better, this will be the largest build of the 2022 LEGO collection and the best-ever Iron Man Hulkbuster coming in a colossal 4,049-piece set. However, it is also the most expensive Marvel set ever released at $550 beating the 3,772-piece LEGO Daily Bugle set.

Iron Man’s iconic armor is purely inspired by the suit appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and boy do we love it. Attention to detail in this MCU LEGO set is highly intricate with things like posable arms for orienting the big mecha in various configurations and an accessible cockpit to place the Iron Man Figure which is not a part of this purchase though. Compared to the earlier build, this 20.5-inch tall and 9.5-inches long masterpiece shadows the Iron Man buildable figurine by a long way.

Designer: LEGO Group

The towering collectible has movie-accurate features including the cockpit inside the red and gold-plated armor, or the information plate showing the techie data. For those who always trip over the little details, there’s the Tony Stark mini figure in the Iron Man suit which adds a unique touch to the LEGO build when stacked up from scratch. To keep the realism going, there are authentic details such as the 3 light-up arc reactor adorning the chest and also present on the hands.

Putting this LEGO set up brick by brick will be a satisfying experience for collectors and Iron Man fans alike. The fact that this build will get fans up close and personal with the undaunting force is in itself an experience. For LEGO VIP members the Hulkbuster LEGO set will arrive on November 4 while others can lay their hands on this cool MCU buildable from November 9.