This comfort redefining wheelchair regulates body temperature while keeping the user’s hands dirt-free!

Wheelchair designs, well there is no dearth of them. Some tout easy maneuverability while others hope to solve the small little predicaments that disabled people have to fight with every single day of their life. Kristen Tapping from London South Bank University has designed a wheelchair that wants to solve those very little irking problems so that disabled people can live the everyday life that they deserve. Designed specifically for people with spinal cord injuries, the Moveo wheelchair focuses on comfort and easy maneuverability, especially when the disabled have trouble using their hands. It tries to seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality, reason enough why the design won the internationally acclaimed Bolt Burdon Kemp Design Challenge.

Made from environmentally-conscious high-strength lightweight materials, the wheelchair makes use of textiles that regulate body temperature and it is a very intelligent addition since it can get very uncomfortable for the user. This is achieved using phase change materials in the honeycomb-shaped fabric that releases hot or cold thermal energy to balance things out. Another clever inclusion is the gear reduction mechanism to reduce the force required and the front sphere to easily move the wheelchair in the desired direction.

Most wheelchairs have a push rim that comes in contact with the ground which is not at all desirable in current times when hygiene is a top priority. The design aims to solve this burning issue with simple yet highly effective solutions. The oval-shaped pushing surface of the rim is made from rubber-like material for easy grip – making it easy to move forward even when the hands are wet. For starters, Kristen plans to craft the wheelchair in an aesthetically pleasing appeal with the wheels, rims and frame featuring trending colours through intricate patterns and details. which will be so desirable.

Designer: Kristen Tapping