The raw, hulking design of this off-road electric bike puts the sleek modern bikes to shame!

The electric motorcycle market is growing ever so steadily and the demand is rising every single day. Owning a powerful e-bike is exciting since it brings a whole new dimension to the two-wheeler market, and Volcon wants to tap a major chunk of it as early as possible. The Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle is here and the fat wheeled bulky commuter does impress with its bold profile. Whether it can take on the likes of Zero SR/S electric motorcycles is a question we’ll leave for another day – for now, the off-road bike looks good for the street-legal skirmish as well as adventure trips to the local trails.

The Texas-based startup’s first-ever EV – the Grunt has a hundred-mile range which can be doubled with a spare battery. The bike gets its power from the 50 horsepower engine that transmits power to the rear wheels. With the top speed of 60 mph and acceleration from zero to top speed in six seconds, one can’t be sure of winning a night street race, but the two-wheeler provides enough traction to conquer a slushy road, that is rest-assured. To make it an all-weather tough ride, Volcon has made is completely waterproof – enough to make it go completely submerged in a flowing river and come out the other side without any damage. That is further reassured with the 12-inches of ground clearance paired to the fat knotted tires. After looking at e-bikes that have become sleeker with time, this hulking design takes us back to the raw, primal aesthetics that made us fall in love with the Harley Davidson’s and Royal Enfield’s in the first place!

Volcon has plans to start delivering the compact Grunt bike by early 2021 at a price tag of $995. The bike might be a tad more than your average 200c single-cylinder farm bike but the prospect of low maintenance, fully independent of fuel expenses, and a multitude of uses makes this electric bike a good prospect when it arrives.

Designer: Volcon