Citroen Above & Under Concept transforms into a compact watercraft in disguise

If we go by Citroen’s proactiveness for future concepts, there are only a few automotive manufacturers who better them in that respect. A lot of four-wheeler ideas for the upcoming decade focus on the lounging and relaxing experience, mostly attributed to the freedom of autonomous commuting.

This concept, however, unearths a completely different perspective focused on the duality of use. Be it on land or on water, the Citroen Above and Under concept touts to be an equally impressive vehicle.

Designer: Sangheon Chung

The deconstructive design blueprint of this futuristic concept is centered around the multifaceted approach of travel not limited by the ability of the vessel it’s being pursued on. The cockpit itself is divided into two separate sections called the seabreachers that behave as separate modules of a submersible. Yes, the car can turn into a sealed watercraft in a jiffy for the driver and the passenger to drive off into the water while the sun is setting.

The battery pack is in the middle of the car, separating these two modules’ functionality. The concept blueprint is designed in such a way that at first glance one would not presume it’s a two-seater watercraft waiting to be unleashed. Citroen Above and Under looks like any other track-only electric race car only until the two modules slide out of the back. The vertical seating configurations of this four-seater vehicle now become two separate watercraft.

How the vehicle will manage the external noise damping once reconfigured back into the vehicle mode is something to ponder over. Keeping all the components in place as the car rides the tarmac is going to be another challenge due to moving parts.