This Audi-inspired light therapy wearable aims to resolve your Vitamin D deficiency!

Have you stepped outside today yet? Even to stretch your legs or check the mail? No? Neither have I. Just like many office workers around the world, I spend 90% of my time indoors. Even in a pre-pandemic world, I didn’t have many opportunities to soak up some vitamin D during my workday, especially during the winter months. Not everyone has a workspace next to a window or, with winter approaching, is willing to spend their coffee break outside. However, natural sunlight has documented health benefits, especially for easing symptoms of insomnia and depression. The Audi-inspired headlamp conceptualizes a product to fit this need, while also matching the design language of the brand.

First, let’s talk about function. How well does this headlamp address the presented problem? We don’t have any Amazon reviews to reference, but we can look at the research that informed the product’s design. The headset is lightweight and hooks around the ears like a pair of glasses. The LED lights align with the user’s temples, positioned at a specific spot where light is most easily absorbed by the brain. The headset also comes in three sizes, to accommodate the skull shapes of most adults.

As a design, the Audi Lux concept matches the Audi brand seamlessly and hence is the national runner-up of the James Dyson Award for 2020. The headset’s side view features a slanted, slightly rectangular shape, similar to the headlights on an Audi car. The product also matches the brand’s general color scheme: black and metallic gray. These elements are subtle, but help the product match Audi’s design. As a branding concept, I think the Audi Lux blends well with the Audi family. However, I’m mostly excited by its function as a mobile light therapy device, which is especially relevant at this moment, when most people are stuck inside 24/7.

Designer: Luca Urlicic