This folding partition works as tables to transform your food truck dining experience!

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, food trucks are staples in cities across the globe. Whether you’re attending a smorgasbord or just grabbing a bite on your lunch break, food trucks are known for providing customers with quick and tasty meals, but not so much for dining space. When eating out at a food truck, searching for a spot to eat your meal is usually expected. However, Grutergi, an adjustable, folding partition that can transform into a dining area, attaches to food trucks so that customers can eat their food while it’s still hot. Jeongho Oh designed Grutergi to make the food truck and market experience cleaner and more convenient.

Grutergi allows food truck customers to enjoy their meals right away with its paneled fence that folds down to meet your height. The double-sided partition allows for dining space on one side and garbage disposal on the other as Jeongho Oh also designed Grutergi in order to combat the messy aspect of food truck dining. Whether you’re stumbling your way towards a food truck after leaving the bars, or you’re running a tight work schedule and can’t waste any more time, tidiness is usually compromised for the sake of enjoying your meal. After finishing your meal, it can be a long time before finding garbage to dispose of the takeout containers. By attaching trash bins to Grutergi, customers will be able to enjoy their food while also upholding the truck’s cleanliness. The multiple folding lines on Grutergi make it easy to bend the partition to your preferred height (find us a dining table that can do the same!) or keep it standing to create a divider – the possibilities are endless.

In many cities, food trucks are sometimes even more popular than dine-ins thanks to their speedy, fresh preparation, and their accessibility. Even with their ever-growing popularity, food trucks are known for their convenience and not so much for their dining areas. But sometimes finding a spot to eat your food peacefully can sometimes take longer than eating your actual food. Thankfully, Grutergi can do that work for you.

Designer: Jeongho Oh

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