This contemporary lamp + mosquito killing design is an aesthetic way to stay itch-free!

It’s safe to say that mosquitoes are probably one of the most disliked species of bugs in existence today. Mosquito spray and bug zappers stock the shelves of convenience and grocery stores during the warmer seasons, with the latter solution being the most popular option. After rendering their take on the bug zapper, PUURFUN LIN produced a mosquito killer lamp visual design that’s stylish in appearance and effective in purpose.

The finished design is sleek, contemporary, and suitable for either indoor or outdoor spaces. Inspired by expandable lanterns and handheld lamps, this take on the bug zapper is as chic as it is reliable and resembles a minuscule, cyborg, silent assassin. Doubling as a lamp, this device provides enough lighting for an evening spent outside on the porch or one spent inside, reading a book with the windows open. In addition to the design’s light features, it also zaps bugs. Mosquitoes are irresistibly attracted to the lamp’s ultraviolet light rays, which then brings them to the device’s killing snare. As the mosquitoes fly closer towards the ultraviolet light, a killing entrapment takes care of the pest so summer nights can carry on without worry. This portable mosquito killer lamp fits in nicely amongst other household objects as its shape, structure, and color scheme is subdued and unassuming, but attractive and minimal in its presentation. Being that this design is both a lamp and a mosquito trap, the final product is wireless and portable, making it easy to transfer from place to place.

Nothing gets in the way of a relaxing, warm evening like pesky mosquitoes. No matter the endless rows of citronella candles or cups of DEET bug-repellent, mosquitoes just keep on coming. Devices like this one, from PUURFUN LIN, are imperative to make those summer nights feel a lot less itchy and much more enjoyable, keeping the looming threat of those tiny bloodsuckers away for good.