This transparent face mask is powered by a fan that pumps in clean, filtered air and pulls out CO2

I often get told that there are way too many masks out there, and my response is almost always “there are way too many smartphones, laptops, and cars out there too”. Each mask, just like each phone, each car model, or each sneaker design, hopes to make its own impression, solve its own set of problems, and create a positive impact on the user and help the company earn a fair amount of money that then goes into delivering better products. Meet the weetbe mask, one of many masks featured on this site. Unlike other masks though, weetbe has a set of properties unique to it. It’s transparent, comes with not two but three filters, has an attachable face-shield component, and the best part, a modular fan-unit that snaps onto the filter on the front, power-delivering clean, filtered air to your nose and mouth for as long as 8 hours.

Drawing on the analogy of masks and mobile phones, the weetbe mask offers a level of modularity that reminds me of Google’s Project Ara. The mask itself is a functional face-mask with a transparent body, hypoallergenic design, and certified filters… but its ability to snap-on extra modules is what makes it wonderful. The weetbe comes with a clear, see-through body complete with an air-sealing lining and an anti-fog coating. Adjustable straps help secure the mask around your face, while filters on the front as well as the sides help you breathe 98% clean, purified air. The mask comes fitted with Proveil filters, which are made from nanofibers that are small enough to trap respirable airborne particles including viruses. These filters are reusable, can be washed or steam-sterilized, and are made to biodegrade too, allowing you to replace them easily and guilt-free.

The most anticipated feature about the weetbe, however, is the snap-on fan module. Referred to as the ‘fan osaka’, the fan module snaps right onto the front, pushing air through the anterior filter to create positive air pressure inside the mask. Built with its own lithium-ion battery, the fan works for 8 hours on a full charge and works silently. The module is smaller and lighter than you’d think, still retaining the mask’s transparent appeal, and is perfect for snapping on while exercising, jogging, or even for elderly people who find it difficult to breathe through a mask. Backers of the weetbe can even opt in for the ‘screen osaka’ a snap-on-snap-off face shield made from clear polycarbonate, offering a pristine, see-through barrier that protects the upper half of your face. The screen sports a similar anti-fogging feature, making sure your view isn’t ever obstructed by condensation.

Other features of the weetbe include its ability to be customized, with a custom skin you can apply on the inside of the mask, turning its transparent body into a canvas of print. The head-bands are customizable too, allowing you to add a name or company logo on. The weetbe is even splash-resistant, which means you can easily wear it out in the rain… and its transparent design, aside from enabling you to use facial unlocking on your phone, just gives you the freedom to breathe clean air and be protected without having your face concealed by opaque fabric or plastic. Besides, it helps to be able to smile at friends, neighbors, and other people too!

Designer: Weetbe Design

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weetbe – Transparent Face Mask with Attachable Shield & Fan

weetbe is an all in one transparent face mask that comes with three filters, has an attachable face-shield component, and a modular fan-unit that snaps onto the filter delivering clean, filtered air to your nose and mouth for as long as 8 hours.

fan osaka – Snap-on Fan Module

screen osaka – Attachable Face Shield

Designed to give extra protection to doctors, nurses, waiters/waitresses who are in constant contact with the public.

Transparent Design

The transparent design enhances visual communication between people. In addition, it makes listening and lip-reading easier for the hearing impaired.

+98% Air Filtration

Creative Process & Prototypes

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $75 (60% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!