These geometric paintings were made by a CNC-machining robot!

There’s a common belief that robots can do manual repetitive labor very well, but robots can’t create art. Robots aren’t capable of creative thinking for sure, but there are two aspects to creating art, right? The idea, and the execution. Meet the Primus robot – it partners with human creators to be able to execute their artistic visions. Designed to work as a robotic arm holding a brush or a tube of paint, Primus is great at execution, creating stunningly accurate geometric artpieces that absolutely pop!

The first series of artpieces pay a minimalist homage to Andy Warhol, one of modern art’s biggest proponents. The Warhol artpiece was translated from a digital format into a set of commands that Primus can understand. Then all you do is mount a canvas, calibrate the Primus, and get it to start painting! Primus uses a combination of brush strokes and paint extrusion, creating paint that isn’t just flat, but has an element of thickness to it too. Certain swatches use stencils, which the human helps apply and remove during the painting process. The result? A very odd yet appealing combination of art and a robotic factory-line! I guess Warhol would really find this enjoyable!

Designer: Proximars