The PhonePad turns your smartphone into a laptop with a 15.6″ touchscreen display

You’ve obviously heard the analogy of your smartphone being a computer you can fit into your pocket. Smartphones have the same components most tablets and laptops have. They connect to the internet, have powerful processors, can multitask, and with their variety of apps, allow you to do everything you possibly could on a laptop… the only distinction being they’re small enough to slide into your pockets. While that’s definitely an achievement, the smartphone’s small size actually is what prevents it from being a full-fledged replacement to your computer. You can’t really enjoy movies on a 5-inch screen, or efficiently make presentations, or read through long documents – these are places where a larger display just helps. The PhonePad gives your smartphone that larger display… and much more.

Designed as a sleek, wired display that’s compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or even laptop, the PhonePad gives you an instant FullHD external display measuring at 15.6-inches, complete with a touchscreen surface. Plug the PhonePad into your smartphone and it instantly scales it up. You can operate your phone using PhonePad’s touchscreen, and enjoy the benefit of a larger display, perfect for watching Netflix or playing Fortnite (or Among Us, whichever suits you). However, the true potential of the PhonePad is in turning your smartphone into a laptop. Given that your iPhone or Android phone already has the processing power and the app-store to let you do everything from attending meetings to typing mails, making spreadsheets, communicating on Slack, and sharing files, the PhonePad completes the laptop experience by giving you a larger screen, along with multiple ports, a headphone jack, and a powerful set of speakers! Just hook the PhonePad up using a USB cable and you have a much larger, latency-free display. You can even hook a wireless keyboard and mouse to your phone and you literally have a laptop running a mobile OS!

Moreover, if you’re a hardcore laptop user, the PhonePad simply upgrades your workflow by giving you a secondary display. Connect it to your laptop and you instantly have a multi-window setup that you can use for work, entertainment, gaming, or a combination of the previous 3. The PhonePad measures a mere 0.2 inches and weighs 0.95 lbs, allowing you to slip it right into your bag or under your arm and carry it wherever you go. It comes with its own cover too that doubles as a stand, allowing you to use the PhonePad in both landscape and portrait orientations! Its universal compatibility makes it even better, giving you the ability to connect it to almost all your devices that support external displays… like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Nintendo Switch, or even your DSLR! Yeah, you heard me!

Designer: Anyware Technology