The award-winning stilform INK fountain pen is back in invincible, everlasting black titanium

stilform’s vision for the humble is so incredibly simplistic and elegant, it won an award for the World’s Best Pen in 2016. It’s easy to make products better by complicating them, adding new features, or giving them design upgrades… making a product better by simplifying it is an incredibly challenging task, yet the stilform INK handles it beautifully.

Celebrated as the most successful fountain pen in crowdfunding history, the stilform INK is back in its minimal, delightful glory, but with a few tiny tweaks that make it better and more long-lasting. The pen comes in its signature cylindrical design, with two flat edges running length-wise to prevent it from rolling. Its iconic element lies in the magnetic cap, which cleverly self-aligns as it snaps to the pen, thanks to multiple hidden neodymium magnets that make sure the cap fits on the right way. To open the pen, just twist the cap causing the inner magnets to repel each other, and the cap effortlessly comes off to reveal the German-made Peter Bock nib sitting inside.

In its pursuit of simplicity, the pen hides all its functional details to keep its form pristine. Made almost entirely from machined titanium and aluminum, the stilform INK doesn’t use any plastic parts or glue in its assembly… just old-fashioned threading, tolerances, and magnets help hold the pen together and allow it to last practically forever. The titanium outer body of the stilform INK comes with an added Diamond-like Coating to protect its surface finish, making it absolutely scratch and abrasion-proof, keeping your pen looking brand new even after decades.

Each stilform INK pen comes impeccably crafted and assembled in Germany, in a variety of anodized colors for the aluminum variant and in DLC black for the titanium variant. You can choose the style of Bock nib you want fitted in your pen, along with a variety of add-ons, including a leather pouch, an aluminum base, or a machined metallic pocket clip that slides right onto the pen’s cap whenever you want. You can even grab a discount on stilform’s entire pen collection, featuring the stilform INK along with its Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award-winning pens, the stilform Ballpoint, and the Arc Gel Pen.

Designer: stilform

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stilform INK – Magnetic Fountain Pen in DLC Black Titanium

The stilform INK is an award-winning all-metal fountain pen with a unique self-aligning cap. Now in DLC coated titanium.

Let the Cap Bounce –  The most effortless and enjoyable way of getting started with a fountain pen – give the cap a simple twist and it gets automatically pushed off by a strong magnetic force.

Self-aligning – Through a unique magnetic closure, the distinctive flat sides along the pen will always align with themselves perfectly. With a satisfying click, your INK fountain pen can become your favorite fidget gadget.

No Threads, Comfortable Writing – Instead of relying on a screw-on cap like most metal fountain pens, the INK pen with the magical mechanism ensures a smooth pen surface and thus the most comfortable holding position.

2 x 4-Pole Neodymium Magnets – By applying two strong N52 neodymium magnets, the INK pen features a unique magnetic mechanism that not only simplifies the traditional opening/closing mechanism, also brings out a simple and minimal form.

Stop the Rolling Now – Without the need to sacrifice an elegant and minimal form, you can still get a pen that doesn’t roll away. The aligned flat sides and sharp edges along the pen stop pen-rolling effectively.

A Fountain Pen That Lasts

Titanium black with Diamond-like Carbon Coating – In addition to the original Titanium and Aluminum pens, a brand new Titanium Black, equipped with a special DLC coating, is now added to the collection. The surface of the Titanium Black is ultra-durable and scratch-resistant. Scratches caused by hard metal such as a key disappear without a trace.

All Metal Construction, No Glue, No Plastic – The makers have applied high-grade titanium or aluminum materials from the body to the core. The superb materials are well known for the extremely high durability and exceptional light weight, making the INK is a truly sustainable fountain pen. All parts are precision-machined and designed to be form-fit in order to avoid the using of glue.

Super Durability – Through robust housing structures, the inner magnetic mechanism is well protected and secured to prevent the magnets from exposing to any potential damage, making the INK your long-lasting companion.

Great Balance, No Writing Fatigue – The fine balance of the pen never gets unnoticed by a true fountain pen lover. Writing with the INK won’t cause any fatigue or cramp over long periods.

Let Your Pen Speak About You

Build your Favorite Pen – Your pen is easily the best and most subtle way to express your character. They offer nibs in various sizes and materials, it is also super easy to switch nibs with the INK fountain pen. The nibs by the renowned German manufacturer Peter Bock ensure an extremely smooth ink flow and the best writing experience for you. Be creative and explore the color combinations with nibs in Silver Steel, Black Steel, Titanium or Gold!

Attachable Clip – Created through metal injection molding, the attachable clip turns your INK pen from a high-end office stationery to your new everyday carry. Owing to improved tolerances and a soft textile layer inwards, the clip can slide onto your INK pen firmly without scratching the pen.

Premium Accessories

Click Here to Buy Now: $77 $97 (20% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Over $475,000 raised.