These EV modular chassis completely runs your car – unleashing the creativity of the automotive industry!

The demand for electric vehicles is rising exponentially owing to clean energy concerns triggered by the deteriorating environment. Sure there are numerous electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads, while others in development with technological advances to make e-mobility better than ever, addressing the underlying concerns with carbon emissions. That said, Israeli startup REE Automotive has adopted a very different approach with its e-mobility platform architecture which caters to a broad range of electric vehicles.

Daniel Barel, REE Co-Founder, and CEO REE Automotive said, “EVs, particularly e-delivery vehicles, are in huge demand, with growth drivers including global carbon-emission regulatory policies coupled with booming e-commerce.” Keeping this in mind, the modular platform is going to change how we perceive electric mobility today. Daniel also added, “Our platform provides the perfect blank canvas for our customers on which to build EVs tailored to their needs.”

The visionary minds at the core of REE have developed a flexible platform that acts as a base for placing any vehicle body design on top. The highly advanced chassis is more than just a base with the X-by-Wire technology doing everything from steering, braking, and even driving. The modular platform also integrates the drivetrain, powertrain, suspension, and steering components into the arch of the wheel – making it a good option for automotive manufacturers. This opens-up avenues for easy manufacturing of sports cars, off-roaders, delivery pods, lorries, and any configuration of vehicle you can think of. These components can be tweaked easily for any type of driving setup – a robust chassis for a 4WD with good suspension and loads of torque or maybe a two-wheel-drive warehouse bot with normal suspension and four-wheel steering. What does this imply? Simple, that the designers around the world can create a design without having to fit all the automotive components traditionally used throughout the design – once this chassis is used, the upper body of the car is anything the designer imagines and even more. The possibilities are endless – from themed cars in resorts like Disney (imagine a car shaped like your child’s favorite Daisy Duck!) to even allowing a setup wherein a user can come in to easily exchange their automotive body – to match a season, cheering their favorite team or just because they are bored. The entire car body suddenly becomes as easy to change and replace as our clothes (a little exaggeration but you get the idea)!

Keeping in-line with their goals, REE has introduced three platforms for future EVs. These modular full-flat chassis platforms are ideal for last and mid-mile delivery vans, commercial vehicles, and autonomous shuttles. The three platforms called P1, P2 and P4 showed-off their capabilities honed by the X-by-Wire technology. The P1 platform of up to 1.3-ton GVW is tailor-made for LSV last-mile inner-city delivery vehicles, 2.5-tons GVW P2 platform is designed for passengers and cargo vehicles, and the P4 platform up to 4.5-tons GVW and is specially built for the North American market delivery segment. As someone who loves modularity in every aspect of life, allowing the car’s body to be based on a platform, allowing me to update my car as my needs change – that is the ultimate way to unleash the creativity of the automotive sector while meeting needs with never seen before ease!

Designer: REE Automotive