This futuristic zero-emission trike will transform personal mobility in crowded cities!

Crowded spaces in cities is an ever-growing concern – add to that the exponentially rising number of vehicles on the roads, and we are looking at a grim situation already. The only viable solution is to design compact vehicles that help unclog the chaotic bottlenecks during peak traffic hours. Piotr Czyżewski aims to get over the pandemonium with a three-wheeled trike-like vehicle that is safe to drive and good for the environment too.

Piotr’s concept design goes by the name EXO ONE which is a single-person electric vehicle made to swiftly ride the roads. Tailor-made for city commutes, especially for solo rides to the supermarket or the local food joints, for example, the vehicle is much safer than a bike and less space-consuming than your sedan or hatchback. The rear-wheel powered trike capable of whizzing from 0-60 km/h in just 3 seconds also has solar panels on top for dual power delivery mode. The rear-mounted electric battery goes 130 km on a single charge and with the solar charging assist, on a good sunny day, EXO ONE can be charged on the go or while being parked.

For better cornering and traction on tight turns at high speeds, the vehicle tilts at the required angle to adjust the center of gravity, thereby making it safe to drive even at high speeds. For storage, there are two separate compartments – one at the front and the other on the rear. Keeping in mind modern charging requirements, the trike has charging and power supply sockets to keep your phones and laptops charged when needed. For drive assistance, it has all the features that we are accustomed to these days – front and rear cameras, dusk and rain sensors, electrically adjustable steering column, advanced navigation assists, and blind-spot assistance.

Interiors of the new age trike honed by the leather upholstery are designed for utmost comfort and airy feel. There are heated seats and rear window, automatic air conditioning, and additional storage compartments under the steering wheel. Truly Piotr Czyżewski’s future-forward design is something you would want to have parked in your garage.

Designer: Piotr Czyżewski