In Your Face Lap Times!

Rather than using expensive, sensitive, hi-tech hardware (like a head-up display or mini lens-projector), Jun Yin’s Viewpace goggles offer a simple extension of a timer for swimmers to track their lap times. The extension is slim and lightweight yet rigid enough to stay intact during rigorous underwater movement. While there is a level of resistance it creates in relation to hydrodynamics, this is negligible compared to the current method of stopping entirely to check a stopwatch located at the edge of the pool!

Designer: Jun Yin


  • Jun Yin says:

    Hi, Mario
    1) The drag has minor impact on swim speed. If you can swim 1m/s, you will swim 0.9962m/s with this goggle. You can find the detail of our calculation according the fluid dynamics (
    2) Yes, a better aerodynamic design of watch will reduce the drag significantly. Now, this is the first version and we do not have much funding to manufacture a new timer. Will be improved in the future.

  • Mario says:

    Hi Jun Yin, thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment, the analysis you posted shows that the drag is really very insignificant. I hope that you can further explore the design of the time piece. This is a promising concept over all.

    Will I be able to preorder this anytime soon?

  • Mario says:

    Just saw that you are already shipping, any way to ship to Europe?

  • Jun Yin says:

    Hi, Mario
    Since you are the first one from Europe, I can send you one for free. Leave your shipping address here

    BTW: I just check your website, I like your hairdryer

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