A smart sanitizer for your phone +hand is a must have for every home entryway!

Hygiene in the age of COVID-19 has become instinctual for many of us. Once we get home, before even removing our masks, we’re folded over the bathroom sink, hands sudsy with soap, counting down from thirty. We graze the sink’s faucet with unwashed fingers and send that one text without sanitizing our touchscreens. Of course, when it comes to hygiene routines, no one can be perfect – especially during a global pandemic. That’s okay – it’s the reason sanitizing products exist and the catalyst for ZERO from Jung Yu Jung with Design Dot, a design team based in Seoul, South Korea. Conceptualized to resemble the view of the moon from behind rows of window shutters, this home sanitizing station makes it that much easier to stay on top of both our own and our home hygiene.

ZERO is a smart sterilization product that can mount from any wall and direction. Its accurate and responsive dispenser not only motion-detects and sanitizes your hands with six UV-C LED chips, but it also includes a smartphone sterilizer. Based on the honest need for home sanitizing technology, Jung Yi Jung created the product with human instinct in mind. From each angle, the product is pleasantly inconspicuous and elegant. Upon first glance, the sterilizer appears like any unassuming and ordinary home appliance. However, along the rim of the device, a rectangular slot reveals a supplementary sanitizer that swallows your phone for a good ole’ UV-C LED cleaning. Its stainless steel construction increases light reflection and sterilizes your phone for safe use before coughing it back up. In order to enhance the product’s intuitive design, you’ll find only four buttons: two sound control switches for programmed signals, an adjustive mood light, and a power button. Additionally, ZERO charges with a type-c cable, a common mobile phone charging port, delivering seamless setup and service.

Around the world, we’re taking big strides towards a generally health-conscious future, specifically in regard to home design and technology. Home is our oasis, our clean corner of the world we want to keep that way. Intuitive design and practical function from ZERO offers an idea of what a healthier, more human future could look like, in your own clean corner of the world.

Designers: Jung Yu Jung with Designer Dot