These foldable, modular furniture designs are the space-saving solution every home needs!

I have ordered the white plastic chairs off of IKEA and Amazon and while they look great in the patio, it’s only going to last a couple of months because it can’t withstand weather changes, kids, or dogs. And you can’t keep those indoors – they just look ODD. We finally have an alternative to it – wooden foldable chairs with an upgraded minimal aesthetic and a longer life! Even though they might look visually similar to the IKEA ones at first glance, these wooden chairs actually work with indoor settings too unlike the usual patio seating. They are classier and can be used in any room/interior setting.

The first wooden chair has strings that form the seat and the backrest, it may make you doubtful of comfort but the strings act like fabric and contour around your body for maximum comfort. The string tension also makes sure that you are well supported. The second chair is like a classic window transformed into a chair with one swivel motion. Because it is a smooth, singular vertical plank when closed, it is easier to stack/store. Another favorite from this furniture range is the fold-out table with storage, it is ideal for small urban apartments or for a kid-friendly room to keep things tidy and packed away. Speaking of kids’ rooms, there is another piece which is a shelf with a chalkboard panel that transforms into a small bed – this is a wonderful way to encourage children to own and take care of their space in a playful manner. Now when it comes to adults, we all know there is never enough storage so instead of shoving plastic or cardboard boxes under our beds, there is a simple box frame that has multiple drawers and when closed it seamlessly turns into a base for your mattress. It keeps things neat and reduces the storage bins you have to buy.

I have always had a personal library, but having lived in crowded cities like Manhattan, you have to choose between a bookshelf and a table to eat your food. I wish I had this ladder-shelf table piece at the time, it saves space and ‘serves’ food as well as food for thought! Given our population growth and the crowding up of cities, millennials will need these furniture designs to add fun and functional element to their home. Afterall, wooden furniture is timeless and one can never go wrong with these minimal multifunctional pieces.

Designer: Pixel Verse Studio