Cooling Ribs? No! Seat!

That’s just crazy, what are you saying, that this isn’t just a gigantic cooling unit for my 1980’s jumbo computer? I predict that in the future, all chairs will be bigger than houses and will only be affordable by the super rich! But for now, we’ve got this amazing “Hi-Tech Couch” inspired by just that, cooling ribs from a computer. But wait, why does the preview pic for this post have the chairs staged in a graffiti filled hallway?

Don’t ask me man, I just work here.

These bits of fantastic furniture were made to wow people entering into office buildings and high-tech atmospheres. Materials used to create these beasts include recycled metal boards, tiers, and foams as back support – for real super comfort!

When made, available in an abnormal variety of colors and sizes!

Designer: Design-Gezunt Studio

Hi-Tech Couch by Design-Gezunt Studio