These gel-filled earbuds create a custom fit by instantly molding to your ear shape!

If you’ve still been struggling to find a perfect-fitting pair of earbuds (like I am) that you can’t just do without, Logitech-backed Ultimate Ears may have just thought up a solution in the form of UE Fits – true wireless earbuds that offer a custom fit. The earbuds come integrated with LEDs to trigger the special gel-filled ear tips to harden and mold in the unique shape of your ears for enhanced sound quality and noise cancelation.

This package sounds pretty futuristic since we are still in the era of silicone ear tips or the foam tips that fill the ear canal for finer audio output. UE has fitted the earbuds with the Lightform technology to mold the tips to your ears for a customized perfect fit in under 60 seconds. For the fitting process, the earbuds have to be paired to an Ultimate Ears’ app. With the app, you can connect to the earbuds and switch on the embedded LEDs to cause the gel-filled ear tips to conform to the natural shape of your ears. By custom fitting the ear tips you can experience a perfect seal that blocks the outside sounds to deliver better bass and passive noise isolation. With a fit that hugs the ear contours, the UE Fits is bound to feel more comfortable, enabling you to wear them for a longer time.

For the delight of people with an active lifestyle, the UE Fits are sweat-proof, built to last, and feature dynamic 10mm drivers for impressive sound. The buds tout eight-hours of battery life, which can be kicked up to over 20 hours of playback with the charging case. The wireless buds controls can be customized from within the app and if you don’t want to reach out to the phone, these also have physical play/pause controls onboard. UE Fits come with dual microphones strategically positioned to reduce wind noise and enhance call clarity.

The really impressive, custom-fitting buds from Ultimate Ears are now up for pre-order for an introductory $199 (otherwise $249). These will be available in cloud (grey), dawn (lilac), and eclipse (midnight blue) colors in the US this fall. To allow customers to feel the new experience, UE Fits will come with a 30-day risk-free trial – so if you don’t like the feel or sound, you can return them. But custom-made earbuds molded to your ears means no more sharing earphones and that is an impetus enough to make me want these!

Designer: Ultimate Ears