It’s a Popcorn Popparatus!

At first, I was ashamed to say I sucked at making microwave popcorn… until I found out that I wasn’t the only one! It seems like an such an easy task (all you have to do is press a button, really), but I always end up with some very burnt popcorn, some perfectly cooked popcorn, and some un-popped seeds. It’s never consistent, and honestly you end up wasting at least 30% of the popcorn.

Which is why kettle popped corn always remains the best way to go, but it seems like a rather specialized piece of equipment that won’t be used to its full potential. Hence the PopcornTwist. Designed to turn any saucepan into the perfect kettle to make popcorn in, the PopcornTwist contains a mixing apparatus for stirring your corn, and a hood that slides over the top of any saucepan, preventing any stray pieces of corn from going rogue and jumping out.

Using the PopcornTwist is simple. Just empty the contents of your ready-to-make popcorn packet (dried corn kernels, oil, and salt or seasoning of your choice) into a saucepan on heat and put the PopcornTwist’s hood over the rim and pull the drawstring to secure the hood in place. Then give the handle a good stir to make sure all the corn kernels are equally coated with oil and seasoning. After that it’s all in the popping sound. Turn the heat off as soon as the popping reduces and wait for all the kernels to finish their popping. The hood prevents the popcorn from overflowing, while the handle’s stirring ensures that the corn is cooked to a beautiful golden consistency… or should I say CORNsistency!

Designer: Vera Schubkin