The TalkSocket lets you ditch Siri on your iPhone and talk directly to Alexa or Google Assistant

It’s a pop-socket, but it’s also a voice-assistant. Meet the TalkSocket, easily one of the most consumer-centric, innovative surprises of the year 2020!

The TalkSocket looks exactly like a regular PopSocket-style phone-holder. It’s about the same size and shape, and it attaches to the back of your phone, allowing you to grip it better. However, it’s more than that… With a microphone on the inside, and a nifty Echo-inspired LED ring on the outside, the TalkSocket is actually a miniature smart-speaker that allows Alexa and Google Assistant (which for the most part exist within homes) to actually be with you in your pocket wherever you go. The socket connects to and communicates directly with the Alexa or Google app on your phone. Talk to it as you would talk to a smart speaker and it instantly responds, without needing you to tap buttons or even unlock your phone. More importantly though, it lets you override your phone’s existing voice AI for something you use everyday, so if you’re more used to talking to Alexa at home (and you have all the Alexa-enabled smart-home devices configured already), you can just override the iPhone’s Siri and communicate with your favorite voice AI instead, telling it to order toilet paper for you, or shut the garage door as you leave the house.

The partnership with PopSocket really makes the TalkSocket an interesting multipurpose device. For starters, it’s built to be compatible with any PopSocket base, allowing you to attach it or take it off your phone in a swift motion whenever you want. It functions like any phone-grip too, allowing you to grab onto your phone as you’re going for a run, or struggling to type out a message with a single hand as you sip coffee with the other. The PopSocket collaboration also has helped spawn multiple other accessories, like being able to snap your TalkSocket on a keychain-attachment, a mount for your car, or even a coffee-cup sleeve… in short, it gives you the ability to take Alexa out of your house and wherever you go, all while retaining the simple interaction of talking to your assistant, instead of unlocking your phone, downloading an app, opening it, and then asking Alexa to do your bidding.

Under the hood, the TalkSocket is just a really well-made device that cleverly taps into your phone to actually do the heavy-lifting. Two microphones in the TalkSocket allow it to capture voice commands, sending them directly to your phone, which then processes the input and gets Alexa to respond. The TalkSocket is just a gateway, providing you with a hands-free way to talk to Alexa or Google Assistant (with support for Cortana, Bixby, DuerOS and Mycroft coming real soon) through your iPhone in the simplest way, no matter where you are – in your car, on a walk, in a café, at work, or even in the bathroom where your Echo smart-speaker can’t hear you. The two microphones and the LED ring run on low power, while the TalkSocket communicates with the phone using BLE (low energy). This gives the socket nearly 5 days of working time on a full charge, and when it runs out of battery, just place it on a wireless charger and it’ll replenish itself! Pretty remarkable, isn’t it? Hey Siri, why don’t you take a holiday while Alexa fills in for you, eh?

Designer: TalkSocket

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TalkSocket: Alexa. Hands-free. Everywhere.

TalkSocket is the first accessory that attaches to your phone for a seamless hands-free experience using Alexa or Google Assitant, even when your phone is locked.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have some of the most impressive AI on the market but their convenient experience is lost as soon as you leave your house.

You love your voice assistant at home. Why switch to your smartphone’s voice assistant when you step outside? Think about how much more you could do if your favorite voice assistant joined you hands-free on the go too.

Give your favorite voice assistant a consistent platform and get a hands-free experience everywhere.

Use your phone to play music, answer questions, order on demand.

Features & Benefits

2 built-in microphones and on-board wake word detection.

Multi-day battery life (up to 5 days) + QI wireless charging compatible.

PopSocket accordion and swappable base.

No speakers – uses your phone’s audio output.

Easy to install and swappable. Peel and stick TalkSocket directly on the device or attach to a PopSockets swappable base. Quick, easy removal to charge TalkSocket on any wireless Qi charger.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $128 (54% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!