Vollebak’s Indestructible Jacket is made from Dyneema – a material used to pull entire ships

The Denim Jacket was born in 1880 to cater to the rough-n-tough needs of miners, cowboys, and laborers. More than 140 years later, Vollebak has reimagined the rugged everyday jacket with a material so hardcore, it was used to pull a capsule back into Earth from space, and to tug the Concordia shipwreck out of the sea. Dyneema has quite a rich history. 15 times stronger than steel, and thrice as strong as Kevlar, the material has been used in body armor, anti-ballistic vehicle armor, mooring systems for giant container ships, and ropes used to tie down oil rigs in violent, icy seas. Naturally, a wonder-material like Dyneema would appeal to the guys at Vollebak, who’ve literally crafted some of the world’s toughest garments from carbon-fiber, kevlar, and even ceramic.

Designed to be the toughest utility jacket the company’s ever made, Vollebak likes to refer to their Indestructible Jacket as the Indiana Jones of utility-wear. It features a Dyneema construction, making the jacket practically impossible to rip or tear, while still remaining lightweight (Dyneema floats on water). Designed for all kinds of weather, the jacket features an integrated hood and a collar that can be worn in multiple configurations. In fact, the Dyneema fabric has the ability to insulate you too, so it warms you up within minutes of wearing it… and strangely enough, the material actually gets stronger when temperatures drop, giving you clothes that become more rugged in extreme weathers!

The Indestructible Jacket is truly a marvel of engineering on Vollebak’s part. The materials start their journey in a laboratory in Belgium, while the buttons are crafted from impact-resistant corozo nuts in South America. Each jacket is assembled in one of the most advanced factories in the world with hundreds of separate construction processes, over 35,000 stitches, and more man-hours than almost anything else currently sitting in your wardrobe. In fact, the impact-resistant buttons aren’t simply sewn onto the jacket either. The buttons on the front are all threaded onto a heavy-duty woven tape that runs the jacket’s entire length. The tape is then stitched onto reinforced panels above and below each button. The construction allows the jacket to flex and withstand any tearing forces, as each button is free to slide 2 centimeters up and down its section of military tape, ensuring the stitching and construction are as indestructible as the jacket’s fabric itself. Two secret passport pockets are outfitted into the jacket too, with hidden zippered entrances large enough to hold your passport, money, maps, or documents without any danger of them falling out. Just like the rest of the jacket, the pockets boast of reinforced stitching to ensure they last as long as the garment does… and if you’re still not convinced of exactly how hardcore Dyneema is, the fabric has a melting point of 130° C… so short of falling into a volcano or opening the Ark of the Covenant, the Indiana Jones of utility jackets should definitely have you covered for life!

Designer: Vollebak