This hanger comes with a user manual!


Not to be outdone by what its competitors are doing in the laundry domain, Panasonic decided to launch a clothes hanger. But this isn’t just some regular hanger… it’s designed to replace something more than 50 times its size. The washing machine.

Probably the most head-scratchingly unique thing you’ll see in a while, Panasonic’s Deodorizing Hanger comes with a proprietary technology capable of deodorizing your clothes with nano-particles. Just leave your clothes on the hanger for up to 6 hours and the hanger takes all the stench and musty odor out, making your garment smell fresh and new. It however comes with two rather large caveats. You’ll need access to a power socket (there’s a better chance of finding Narnia than a socket in my wardrobe), and secondly, it only works with smells (like smoke or sweat), and won’t take stains out of your clothes, so best if you don’t combine your love for fresh, crisp suits with your love for tacos. Plus, the Deodorizing Hanger retails at 20,000 yen, which roughly amounts to $180. This one definitely goes into the Hall of Weird Fame.

Designer: Panasonic