This public eVTOL seats up to 6 people at a time for the quickest air-taxi rides in the city

As a species that’s increasingly embracing the idea of space travel, it feels like our cities still depend too much on roads for transport. It isn’t just time for flying personal cars, it’s time for public eVTOLS that allow the masses to travel from one point to another. In comes Linker, a 4-6 seater eVTOL that helps slash commute times by a large fraction, and allows you to travel anywhere within the city in style. The autonomous eVTOL features wings on each side with a spacious cabin in the middle. Large windows on either side of the cabin offer occupants a stunning view of the city as they travel through the air, and the eVTOL also features stowage area for luggage and cargo, allowing it to work as more than just public transport.

Designer: Joowon Lee

Designed as a graduation project during Lee’s time at the Hongik University in Seoul, Linker aims at tackling the problem of over-urbanization that sees a city getting cramped with buildings and roadways not being able to accommodate the influx of the urban population. The eVTOL has the ability to take off and land on the terraces of buildings, offering an A-to-B transport solution that uses the sky rather than adding to the hubbub of crowded roadways.

The eVTOL opts for a plane-like architecture, with two massive wings and three adjustable propellers on each wing. The six propellers face upwards during take-off and landing and then rotate to face forward after the vehicle is airborne, shifting from a helicopter to an airplane format.

The Linker’s interiors propose an interesting shapeshifting setup too. The eVTOL can sit either 4 people in a traditional car/airplane-style seating arrangement, or seat as many as 6 people in an ellipse facing outwards. The former arrangement would come at a premium, while the latter would be more like a public option, akin to traveling by bus.