Puzzling Smartwatch Apps

These perplexing time apps were created for the much-raved about I’m Watch smartwatch, and transform the basic resting face of the device into the time-telling puzzle of your choice. No ticking hands, no big numbers… hit the jump to see if you can solve em’ without help from the decipher-instructions!

Tritime – uses twelve color triangles to represent hours and twelve smaller triangles to represent 5 minute sections.

Timenine – hours are shown in big color numbers while minutes are displayed in 6 groups of 9 dots, each dot representing a single minute — after 10 minutes the group transforms into a single square — after 30 minutes a long rectangle is formed.

Timegrid – surprisingly fast, simple time reading is made possible by graphing hours in a rectangle that grows as time goes by — minutes are shown in the middle of the board grid

Designer: Albert Salamon