This Robotic Coffee Maker is designed to brew your perfect pour-over coffee!

Waking up to the sound and smell of coffee brewing after just a tap of your fingers might sound like you’re still dreaming. However, Bubble Lab recently teamed up with Swift Creatives in order to turn that dream into reality with a robotic pour-over coffee machine called, Drip. The app-controlled, fully-automated pour-over coffee maker emerges from the countertop as the water dispenser folds directly above your cup or mug and after just a tap, the water stream matches the flow of the beans and adheres to your chosen recipe, resulting in the perfect pour-over, every time. Whether you’re a barista who could use some extra pairs of hands or someone who just loves coffee, this sleek take on the pour-over is sure to leave your mouth watering.

Drip’s modern, minimalist style pervades the design, all the way down to the core of the machine. Specifically designed to optimize counter space, Drip could be mistaken for a sink tap. But it’s more like an iceberg: the coffee maker’s slim body that makes the show possible rests just below the counter. The body provides the dispenser with tempered water ideal for a pour-over. Drip is also user-adjustable and the associated app provides a social platform to share, learn, and curate your own menu based on preexisting, barista-approved, recipes. With its glossy, unobtrusive finish, from all angles Drip brings a sense of know-how and modernity to every kitchen and coffee shop.

Since its showcase at CES in 2018, Drip has made some fine-tuned adjustments, specifically in regard to Drip’s elemental simplicity. Beijing-based Bubble Lab reinvigorates coffee as an experience by celebrating the culture, production, and social significance of the drink. Bubble Lab might believe that less is more, but folded inside of that simplicity is an intricacy devoted to celebrating the experience of coffee,  providing an extra set of hands for overwhelmed baristas, and showcasing the side of coffee that’s sometimes overlooked: the artful and ritualistic nature that makes your nose wiggle with excitement and taste buds tingle with anticipation. All it takes is a tap.

Designers: Bubble Lab x Swift Creatives