Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF)

You read that right. The first technical term written in the “about” of this project sent to me is the WAF factor of this amp. It’s got a good WAF – it’s made for indoor use, not supposed for the garage. Aki Hirota’s made this amp to be for those who aren’t aiming to be in a band. The users of this particular bit of equipment are aiming to just jam on the singular personal tip.

To be clear once again here: the design is an AMP. It’s got a really good WAF number. The cabinet surrounding the amp is made of one piece of bent ply-wood and can be manufactured to have the minimum amount of glue and toxic materials. Too bad it needs any at all! What do you think of that?

It can be made in any number of any different finished colors, even made to match your guitar. Inside is a solid-state amp with a vacuum tube preamp section. The tubes are what you can see up there on top. They’re protected by a clear polycarbonate cylinder.

Front baffle is a custom-cut CNC machined wood piece, unique upon request to each amp unit. Made for no-concert-use only!

Designer: Aki Hirota

Z.AMP concept Guitar Amp by Aki Hirota 01

Z.AMP concept Guitar Amp by Aki Hirota 02

Z.AMP concept Guitar Amp by Aki Hirota 03

Z.AMP concept Guitar Amp by Aki Hirota 04

Z.AMP concept Guitar Amp by Aki Hirota 05

Z.AMP concept Guitar Amp by Aki Hirota 06


  • Carl says:

    does the sound go to 11?

  • demax says:

    the most expensive and fragile parts (i.e. the lamps) are on the outside of the case? It sure isn’t meant for a house with kids in it then.

    • J Dizzle says:

      More like the “least important” parts on the outside. 12Ax7 Preamp tubes are like 10 bucks, but a tube pre-amp with a solid state power amp amounts to little more than expensive lightbulbs. Pretty design, but anyone who really plays guitar would know this is JUNK!

      Another fine article by Chris Burns… what the hell is the “not supposed for garage.” mean?

      • Kthree says:

        I like this CONCEPT, and so I guess I must not be a “real” guitar player.
        As a 6-stringed electrified instrument user, I like that it is something new that will fit into my home, and not something ripped off from 40 plus years ago. Junk it is not…it is a concept after all. I bet it may “conceptually” contain a MOSFET chip that will tweak the haters.

        • J Dizzle says:

          What’s the concept? You could make this thing functional tomorrow. The amplifier portion he describes already exists – and has for about 10 years or more.

          MOSFET is not a substitute for a tube power amp. It fools legions of 16 year olds into thinking they’ve got professional gear and suffices enough for a gigging musician who doesn’t want to lug 100 lbs of amplifiers all over town to his gigs.

          The tones you hear from professionals in recording studios however come from actual tube driven power amps. The difference in sound is so dramatic that it warrants paying a thousand dollars or more on a good amp. That’s a fact. And you wouldn’t argue it if you actually played guitar.

          • kthree says:

            I am a guitarist and I rock hard all of the day and all of the night.
            It is not the case that all musicians in recording studios use tube amps. Tonal preference is not objective, but a subjective discussion. Solid state amps are here to stay. Tonal variety is the spice of life, thank god, and not subject to the dreary outlook of a singular point of view where authority, or in your case professionals, justifies a hierarchy of circuitry. My rock ethos says that i can play what i want even if someone tells me it is not proper nor the right thing.

            Oh, I still like the concept….yes it is a concept (not actualized)…in fact, i like it that much more because our arguments have little to do with the actual design, but the mention of circuitry in the write up. Good show!

  • Definitely an interesting concept.

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