Hello World keyboard draws inspiration from coding’s most basic syntax for newbies

Geeky keyboards are generally targeted at gamers, coders, editors, or content creators. They come with a lot of programmable keys, RGB lighting, and at times even a touchpad to extend the functionality.

Asus, Logitech, Corsair and Roccat have their versions of mechanical keyboards for every type of user, each one with its own set of merits. So, how about a “Hello, World!” themed keyboard that pays homage to the coders who encountered this first computer program when they kicked off their journey?

Designer: JK CAPTAIN

This concept keyboard design brings a refreshing perspective to a mechanical keyboard with textured keys. While most keyboards have extended functionality like a trackpad on the right-hand section or the top, the Hello World Keyboard has a sci-fi-themed interface on the left. An e-ink-like display on the bottom displays the preferred art or avatar, just like one would do in their gaming profile. The monochrome display is contrasted with a dedicated section to quickly jump to the homepage, speed up the processing or perform an instant browser search. A thick knob on the side lets you choose either of these actions.

Keys on the keyboard are visually separated in white, blue and orange colors that are bright enough even for a dark room setting. Those who prefer darker themes to match with a setup can go for the optional black keyboard having either fluorescent keys or orange ones. For users who are not big fans of customizable RGB lights in their keyboard interface, the Hello World Keyboard is the ideal match. The peripheral has a stealthy build seeming like something Darth Vader would love on board his Executer starship.

Each of the secondary function keys, letter keys, and function keys is inscribed with text to evoke interest in the whole exercise of typing. In a way, the inscriptions on secondary function keys explain the basics of what it would particularly do. So, a nod to the “Hello World!” computer program syntax targeted for newbie programmers. I hope the keyboard has tactile input along with visual elements to enhance the typing experience.