This wireless Bluetooth keyboard with tactile mechanical keys gives you the best of all worlds!

On the one hand, you have Apple – which tends to prefer sleeker, thinner, lighter products to ones that actually are driven by public opinion. On the other hand, you have the Ajazz K620T, a glorious fusion of past and present, created to delight people with a wholesome, tactile experience instead of pushing an agenda of tech-anorexia.

The Ajazz K620T is a retro-meets-modern wireless keyboard with mechanical keys. Designed to work with all your wireless devices, the K620T comes with a neat slot to dock your tablet or phone at an angle, allowing you to connect to 3 devices at a time and cycle between them. The hallmark of the K620T is, however, that mechanical keyboard with clicky switches. Built with 2mm of travel, these keys are an absolute dream to type on, and create that satisfying clackety-clack sound that so many people are passionate about. The keys come with RGB backlighting, allowing you to customize your keyboard’s look and feel, and even a dedicated volume knob on the side for a delightful hands-on experience.

The K620T’s design instantly feels like a crowd-favorite as it embraces features and details that make it versatile and comfortable to use. If you look past its relatively thick design (because those glorious mechanical keys need their space), the K620T offers universal compatibility, working with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. The keyboard comes with over 880 hours of usage on a full battery and charges via a USB-C port, although that battery life goes down to 50 hours if you constantly use the RGB backlight. Moreover, the keycaps are swappable too, allowing you to customize your keyboard with caps of your choice… a feature you wouldn’t find in any standard wireless keyboard, let alone Apple’s own keyboards.

The K620T isn’t for everyone though. It caters to a subset of keyboard users who have long been ignored by the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Rather than embracing cosmetic sleekness, the Ajazz K620T is all about a comfortable, customizable, finger-loving typing experience – while still being wireless and supporting all your favorite devices. After all, nobody should have to type their emails on an atrocious butterfly keyboard… or worse, a touchscreen.

Designer: Epomaker

Click Here to Buy Now: $59. Hurry, only 129/300 left! Raised over $120,000.

Ajazz K620T – Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The K620T is a compact (60% layout) wireless mechanical keyboard for both laptop and smartphone/tablet users.

Up to 3 devices can be connected simultaneously making multitasking efficient.

Features & Benefits

Integrated Tablet Stand – Smartphones and tablets with screen size up to 12 inches can easily sit in the dock. This design eliminates the need for additional tablet stands and saves desktop space, as well as creating a more ergonomic workstation for working on-the-go.

Compatible with Mac, Windows or Android – Easily switch between different operating system layouts using the side switch, and one simple macro command takes you seamlessly between your connected devices. Additionally, the K620T is one of the few mechanical keyboards that feature native Mac layout media keys for the comprehensive integration of the UI. This means that you can use the same media keys that are on a conventional MacOS keyboard, but with typing satisfaction of a mechanical keyboard. Every K620T keyboard comes with 3 specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively.

RGB Backlight Options – Engineered with more than 19 types of RGB backlight options, as well as a static white backlight.

Bluetooth or USB Type-C to USB-A Cable – The K620T can be used both in wired or Bluetooth modes using the provided USB Type-C cable. Utilizing the latest reliable and trusted Broadcom Bluetooth Chipset, the K620T offers a faster and more accurate keystroke response. The unique chipset incorporation further allows up to three devices to be connected simultaneously, as well as providing further transmission distances.

PBT Keycaps – Compared with the ABS keycaps, the PBT keycaps are stiffer, durable, stay true in color, and won’t develop a shine effect over time. They even made the keycaps waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and dust resistant so that you can carry the keyboard with you anywhere.

Versatile Layout & Scroll Knob – Works as a volume controller natively with any operating systems.


Click Here to Buy Now: $59. Hurry, only 129/300 left! Raised over $120,000.