Siri needs her beauty sleep

I guess the most natural way to charge your phone would be to prescribe it some bedrest. The phone is becoming increasingly human (like in the movie Her, for example) and visually, we could do better than plugging a cord into our phone to invigorate it. The designers at Aerios created the classiest bed/lounging chair for your smartphone. Modeled in beautiful Australian timber, the wireless charger is truly spectacular looking. Either lay your mobile down on it, or adjust the kickstand and prop your device up on its throne of sorts.

With the Aurora charger, you’ll WANT to charge your phone!

Designer: Aerios


  • JimmyJohn says:

    The title is misleading. Sir I is an Apple product only available on Apple’s phone, the iPhone. The iPhone doors not use wireless charging and is thus incompatible with this stand. This would only work on all of the other phones in the market which support wireless charging, but Siri is not available on any of those phones. Those other phones do have better voice assistants anyway, so no loss there.

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