This reusable face mask with magnetic face shield is designed to keep you safe

The Breeze face-mask’s backstory has a very “necessity is the mother of invention” drift to it. Imagine, for one second, the kind of risk a journalist or reporter has to take to cover a potentially dangerous story. Whether it’s reporting from a protest site, a war-zone, or even an area struck by a pandemic, these reporters and their crews really put their life on the line to cover the news, and it’s something the cofounder of Artech (a videographer by profession), saw himself doing often. Realizing once the pandemic hit that this was the new normal, he brought together the talent and expertise behind his company Artech, and began working on the Breeze… a mask that he felt would work incredibly in every scenario… be it an area with bad air quality, a dust-and-smoke-filled war zone, or just having to step out during a pandemic. The Breeze’s revolutionary design comes with a few unusual features unique to this one mask. For starters, it’s crafted from an outer fabric that’s naturally cooling, allowing you to breathe easy without the warm breath making the lower half of your face uncomfortable, but its most notable feature is the presence of an inner layer made from silver and 24-karat gold. Coupled together with an N95 filter to trap particulate matter, this unique lining made from precious metals is inherently anti-microbial and instantly destroys any germs that come in contact with it. This allows the Breeze face-mask to actively auto-sterilize itself, keeping it germ-free and allowing it to give you clean, pure, and healthy air.

Designed by a videographer who often had to wear masks for hours while working, the Breeze was first and foremost crafted to fit comfortably around your face, letting you wear it for a long time. Its wraparound style allows you to wear it around your head (instead of around your ears), and a velcro fastening system gives you the freedom of wearing it around caps, ponytails, hair-buns, and even turbans. The comfortable fit allows the Breeze to sit on your face almost like a second skin, giving you hours of use without any “mask fatigue”. The mask uses an 80-20 blend of polyester and polyamide to help it regulate temperature. A simple spritz of water on the outside of the mask helps bring its temperature down as you breathe, giving it a cooling effect. The mask comes in variants with and without air-valves. The air-valves direct the flow of air as you breathe, filtering in the air from one side, and out the other, thanks to replaceable N99 filter inserts. This double filtration system makes the mask safe for you as well as the people around you. Both valve and valve-less versions of the mask come with the unique silver+gold mesh layer along with a standard N95 filter lining to trap microparticles and kill microorganisms.

Any air you breathe passes through the Breeze’s gold and silver-plated bactericide filters. Designed to instantly neutralize a host of bacteria, fungi, and even certain viruses, the 24K gold in Breeze triggers a galvanic reaction resulting in the emission of silver ions that can go on to disinfect and actively sterilize the mask and the air. The N95 filter performs a second round of cleaning, trapping particulate matter to bring the air’s purity to 99.8%. The mask is both washable and reusable, and the gold+silver filters can simply be cleaned by rinsing them under running water. Other pretty clever features include an outward-facing valve design that directs your voice sideways, letting you talk on the phone right through the mask, a secure, ergonomic nose-arch that ensures a tight fit (preventing ‘foggy spectacle syndrome’), and an optional magnetic face-shield that snaps onto the top of the mask, effectively covering your eyes with a clear visor. Combine all these features and you get a mask that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Breeze face mask filters and disinfects air while also being able to cool your face. Its secure fit prevents your glasses from fogging up, while the zero-pressure adjustable velcro straps work on every face-type, giving you a comfortable fit that can see you through hours of usage. Plus, its flexible fabric construction means you can easily carry the Breeze with you in your pocket wherever you go, no matter whether you’re in a polluted city, on a busy intersection with cars, a factory with emissions, a grocery store with barely any ventilation, or just anywhere you’d need to have a mask on you.

Designer: Artech

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Breeze – The Face Mask with Gold & Silver Filters

The Breeze is equipped with inherently antimicrobial silver galvanic filters, face cooling technology, exhaled air filtration, and “clear sound” valves for phone calls. An optional magnetic eye shield & a no-valve design is available.

The Breeze with no valves.

12 Unique Features

Made from a special cooling material, sprinkle Breeze with water and it’ll keep your face cool during the summer heat.

Silver has been used for millennia to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. But it is the positively charged silver ions (Ag+) that possess the antimicrobial effect. Pure 24K gold in Breeze triggers a galvanic reaction and an intensive emission of silver ions.

The Breeze is windproof and shaped to direct the sound of your voice directly to your phone in case you need to take a call while wearing a face mask.

Breeze mask is created with “human engineering” in mind. They implemented zero-pressure ear-saving adjustable straps and an ergonomic nose arch.

Breeze is equipped with N99 exhalation filters, paired with gold / silver reusable galvanic filters. They filter the air you exhale in case you worry about your family and friends.

Breeze is a glasses-friendly mask. Filtered exhaled air substantially reduces fogging up.

Travel ban may be lifted soon, but wearing face masks became a new normal. While Breeze is not a medical device, it is inherently antimicrobial and designed to filter air more effectively than most existing masks. According to the CDC, masks significantly reduce the risk of infection.

All silver and gold filters in Breeze are washable and made to last. The outside shell is also washable and made from very durable polyester and polyamide blend.

Breeze is compatible with widely available and inexpensive standard N95 filters.

Compact and Weightless.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $59 (34% off). Raised over $500,000.