Nissan’s autonomous self-driving golf-ball will give you a hole-in-one everytime!

In what seems like a very “we-made-it-because-we-could” sort of situation, Nissan’s latest self-driving design isn’t what you think. It isn’t a car, a bus, or any sort of automobile. In fact, it’s a golf ball! Titled the ProPilot, the golf-ball is inspired by Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 driving technology, and is the company’s way of showing how they can fit their incredible self-driving chops into something literally palm-sized.

The golf ball obviously isn’t intended for professional use! As a way of demonstrating how small Nissan can go with its self-driving tech, the ball literally finds its way to the hole no matter where you hit it. Demonstrated on a putting course, the ball can literally be hit anywhere and it curves around, rolling autonomously to find its way into the hole. The golf ball is ultimately a promotional tool for Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 technology, which will find its way into the company’s Skyline supercar model. ProPilot 2.0’s most powerful features include being able to create highly accurate map data for completely hands-free highway driving, along with being able to shift lanes and even make the right exits. You’ve got to admit though, the golf ball is a pretty amazing flex for the company!

Designer: Nissan