This plug-and-use smart home device is the closest thing to having your personal JARVIS

I’m having trouble describing what the Inlo is because I’m not sure if there’s really a phrase that can concisely explain exactly what the Inlo does. The Inlo is quite unlike any device I’ve seen before, and the best way to describe it is to reference Iron Man’s JARVIS by saying that the Inlo is quite literally your tech-butler that’s capable of doing everything from helping you find your phone, adjust the thermostat, or switch lights on every time you enter a room and off when you leave. The Inlo functions a lot like an assistant. It recognizes your ‘presence’, communicates with you, understands your needs, and helps make life easier by allowing you to keep track of your stuff. My description so far is still quite vague, so let’s just dive into what exactly the Inlo is, how it works, and why it’s so different from anything we’ve ever seen.

I’m bringing back my butler analogy because it just works. Imagine having a butler in your home. The butler opens doors for you, draws your curtains open when it’s daytime, warms up the bath every morning, lets you know where your keys or phone are kept if you ever misplace them in a hurry, and just makes your life more comfortable by handling the micro-experiences that make living easy. Now it wouldn’t be economical or futuristic to have a real butler do these things for you, which is why we’ve got something like the Inlo. The Inlo is a series of devices that plug into the sockets in your home. Using wireless connections, Inlo communicates with all the Bluetooth and internet-enabled objects around your house, from your phone, to your laptop, tablet, smart bulb, smart speaker, to even your door lock. Its ability to detect and communicate with wireless devices also allows Inlo to track your ‘presence’. If you’ve got a wearable on, you can program Inlo to treat the wearable as an extension of you – if Inlo detects your smartwatch ‘walking into a room’, it assumes it’s you wearing the smartwatch. Plug an Inlo device into every room in your house and you effectively create a network that allows this smart gadget to sense wherever you are in the house, adjusting things accordingly. This could mean having lights switch on when you enter a room, or having music play on the nearest speaker so you could ideally move from the living room to the kitchen and have your music ‘follow you’.

Inlo’s ability to sense your ‘presence’ goes as far as even having it differentiate between you and other members of your household. Without using any cameras (so Inlo never captures any actionable data on you), Inlo can track the presence of people simply by tracking devices they carry. The Inlo app allows you to create a floor-plan of your house and see every single wireless device in its location. This means you could see which room your family members are in, or even where you left your phone. Want to track something that isn’t wireless? Just attach Inlo’s wireless tracker to it and you’re ready. You could put the tracker on your keys, wallet, or even around your pet’s collar to know their whereabouts. Inlo’s network of devices – which they call satellites – can easily track the presence of devices and communicate with them based on how you’ve configured the settings.

This is the part where I talk about why Inlo is so different. Inlo’s versatility and its ability to easily map entire homes and the occupants within makes it much more powerful than Alexa, Google Now, or Siri. You could use Inlo to see which room your keys are kept in, or where your cat’s hiding. Inlo allows you to map your house and easily manage/automate devices within it to a degree that most smart assistants can’t… and the best part yet? The absence of cameras and facial recognition means Inlo can’t really spy on your home. It’s like your butler… obedient, helpful, always around, and fiercely loyal.

Designer: Jon Martin of Inlo

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Inlo – World’s First Indoor Positioning System

Inlo’s multi-faceted technology maps your home and can be used to simply keep track of your belongings by always having their location and status available at your fingertips, or to completely automate your life by having smart-lights, -thermostats, and -locks react according to your position in the home.

Map and Track Your Home

Be one of the first people to have an indoor map of your home, with real-time position updates of your favorite belongings, pets, and people.

With Inlo’s software you create a digital map of an indoor site. It’s like a secure GPS for indoors. Its tracking is enabled with Bluetooth.

End to End Encryption on Inlo accounts, secure you against any invasion of privacy. Positions of your objects can only be accessed by you and the people you give permission to.

Inlo works best with Satellites placed in each major room of the site. Inlo gets more and more accurate when you add more Satellites. The more, the better.

Inlo’s plugged-in Satellites work the same way that GPS satellites do. Inlo’s Satellites measure the Bluetooth signals coming from your paired devices and communicate with each other to locate what you’re looking for.

Control your Environment with Inlo Presence

Presence is a new way to interface with your electronics and your Smart Home and pushes the current limits of home automation. Presence does for location what Voice (Alexa and Google) does for speech. Inlo knows who you are, where you are, and where all your devices live. It activates your smart device preferences based on personalized triggers you set up in the Inlo app, under your profile.

Forget to switch off the lights, lock the door, and turn the heating off when you leave home? With Inlo, you can relax knowing that your home will automatically do these things when the house is empty.

Maximize Home Automation

With Inlo, you can now set up your smart device preferences to adjust based on where you’re at in your home and other personalized event triggers. You can create a profile for anyone, and have your home adjust to their settings. If multiple people in the same room have different preferences, Inlo will default to the Site Administrator’s preferences; or, for things like lighting and temperature, Inlo will average the preferences and set the room’s environment accordingly.

Pair all your Bluetooth devices easily for easy device management and tracking.

Inlo works with existing tracking tags (Tile or Chiplo) and makes them even more useful and easy to locate. With Inlo, you see exactly where your tag is located on a map of your home.

Integrate with your Existing Home System

Create multiple sites and link multiple profiles to a site.

Be Social with Inlo

When you’ve lost a Bluetooth device, others can scan it using the Inlo app and easily see the account it is tied to and return it to you. “The Crowd” is a network of Inlo users using the features from the free software.

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