This detachable speaker and headset duo combine for an intense audio experience!

I love settling in with my headphones and my beloved music playlist. It’s the perfect end to a tediously hectic day. So I’m always on the lookout for new and improved audio products to enhance my end of the day music sessions, and I think I might have chanced upon the most innovative one yet! Product designer Yang Dong Wook understands that you need different audio devices for different situations. Want some alone time? Plug your headphones in! Want to have a rocking party? Blare out some contemporary hits from your speakers! However what if one product met with all your needs irrespective of the context and situation?

Well here’s where Wook’s ‘Pats Speaker’ swoops in. Pats is quite simply a speaker and headset combined in one. Created to make your life simpler and to un-cramp your already cramped up desk, Pats features a cylindrical speaker that serves as the main body. The headset carefully meets the speaker at both its ends, merging to form one wholesome structure that looks a little like a handbag! You place the headphones on the speaker, as you would place them over your own ears. Melding in perfectly with the ends of the speaker, the headset plus speaker duo sit upon a metallic tray. However this is no ordinary tray, the tray also functions as a charging pad, charging both the speaker and the headphones simultaneously.

Five little LED circles in the middle of the headset, right at the center of its arc, keep you updated about the battery life of Pats. You can also connect Pats to your smartphone using an accompanying app. The app helps you connect with either the speaker or the headphone or both, and allows you to control them with ease. Wook’s Pats Speaker combines all your audio needs into one. No more scrounging around for your headphones and speaker when you could find them both in one product! Space-saving, convenient, and multifunctional, Pats is surely the future of audio products, and the only way I’m interested in listening to my music!

Designer: Yang Dong Wook