Ever wondered how many calories you eat? This smart cutting board tracks your food’s nutritional value

It’s almost like having an extra set of eyes that can see food in a way that you can’t. As you ‘scan’ all the ingredients before chopping them, the Nutrio Smart Cutting Board calculates your nutritional intake for you.

Designed by Germany-based Aurora Life Science, Nutrio takes the guesswork out of your diet. Sure, outwardly it looks like a cross between a cutting board and a cashier’s billing desk at the supermarket, but the Nutrio is in fact a comprehensive nutrition-calculator that lets you measure your food in an absolutely new way. The chopping board comes with an entire host of sensors that can detect your food, weigh the food, and display all its nutritional information. Whether you’re using raw ingredients or even packaged products, Nutrio lets you scan your food, calculate your caloric and nutritional intake, and absolutely crush your diet because you’re much more aware of what you cook and eat.

Nutrio comes with interchangeable wooden cutting boards that sit on its proprietary smart platform with a display. Sensors within the platform help Nutrio detect food, both unpackaged as well as packaged, and even through containers. Once a food item is scanned, just select it and let Nutrio know which meal it’s a part of. Then just use the large 43cm x 28 cm cutting board to prepare your food, whether it’s chopping, peeling, carving, de-boning, or portioning. The board’s waterproof design ensures the sensors don’t get affected by water, juices, gravies, or anything that may spill on it… and to keep your food prep clean and simple, interchangeable wooden boards let you easily snap off a dirty board and replace it with a cleaner one.

The sensors and the AI are truly Nutrio’s secret sauce. Food and Barcode sensors on the side of the touchscreen display help Nutrio identify the content of your meals, while a container sensor helps Nutrio detect and ignore glass containers. A weighing-scale built right under the board helps Nutrio know the quantity of food by weight, and the smart touchscreen then displays all the relevant nutritional information to you. The information is even sent to your smartphone and is accessible within the Aurora Lighthouse app. The app helps present all your data in a more comprehensive way, enabling you to track your diet with unmatched accuracy. The app creates and maintains a personal diary of your nutritional intake, letting you stay on top of your dietary requirements and goals. Its free version offers a daily macro and micro overview of your intake, and even lets you see the nutritional value of individual ingredients. The paid subscription to the Lighthouse app gives you instant access to all your nutritional records from weeks and months ago, along with dietary recommendations to help you achieve your goals, recipe-ideas, and a personalized analysis of your eating habits that let you understand your body and its needs better.

Nutrio’s built to be waterproof and easy to clean. A 4mm thick anodized aluminum platform increases the longevity of the electronics within the Nutrio, and those interchangeable wooden chopping boards should easily last years with regular use. Nutrio runs on a battery that can charge via a simple USB-C cable, and runs for weeks on a full charge. Using Nutrio almost feels like having a superpower while cooking. It lets you see your food in a new light, learning different aspects about what you eat and giving you all the information you need to make the right dietary choices to live a healthy life… although, make sure you treat yourself to a cheat day once in a while! Nutrio won’t judge!

Designer: Puls for Aurora Life Science

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Aurora Nutrio – Fastest & Easiest Way to Track your Food

The Nutrio is a smart cutting board that combines all food tracking devices in one. With its capability to automatically detect and track the food you place on it, Nutrio will save you time and a lot of work.

The tracked information, such as food and weight, is transferred directly to your smartphone without you having to do anything.

Recognizes All Fresh & Packaged Foods

Recognizes Unpackaged Foods

Place the ingredient on the chopping board, Nutrio recognizes and weighs the food at the same time. In a flash you see the actual calories and other nutritional values.

Recognizes Barcodes

Detects Kitchen Containers

Perfect Companion for the Kitchen

Nutrio offers you the greatest possible convenience when cooking. Their advanced design allows you to cut and process food as well as take the board directly to the cooker without any effort. As a perfect companion for the kitchen, Nutrio is also very easy to clean. On top you have the option of using different wooden boards or other materials in different styles on your Nutrio.

Aurora Lighthouse App


Nutrio consists of different sensors to detect everything you eat, no matter if it is packaged or unpackaged. Through its visual and NFC sensors Nutrio collects data about the food you placed on it. As an IoT device Nutrio is connected to our server systems and transmits the collected data.

On the server the data is put through their AI systems and delivers the results back to your Nutrio. Of course, all this is happening in no time. All communication between Nutrio and the server is encrypted. Your data will always be safe. As soon as you save your food to a meal the app will be updated at the same time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $338 $483 (30% off). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers! Only 20 left!