This slip-on shoe is custom made for your foot, with a single wrap-around surface

The Walk Of Mind shoes are centered around a technology that allows users to get custom shoes made based on scans of their feet. Its slip-on design comes with a unique visual and tactile experience, appearing as well as feeling lightweight. The shoe’s light appearance can be attributed to the fact it looks quite like a feather or leaf wrapped around your foot, and the absence of the traditional thick sole found in shoes and sneakers makes it look/feel sleek and lightweight.

The slip-on is a combination of multiple materials, including the leather wraparound and an SLS 3D printed nylon sole that fits into it. The sole, designed specifically for each foot, comes with a bespoke pebbled surface that applies pressure on specific areas of the foot to relieve pressure, provide support, and give you a comfortable walking experience without the fatigue. What’s really unique about the Walk Of Mind footwear is the fact that its monosurface design and transitions seamlessly from sole to foot-cover. This means the shoe could essentially be flat-packed for more efficient shipping, or even have one shoe nested within another to create a much smaller package than with traditional footwear. Would be fun to see a video of a working prototype!

The Walk Of Mind shoes are a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Hadar Slassi