This self-isolating fold-out work-cubicle turns any wall into a safe workspace

Far be it for us to really even think of going back to offices this year, but this time poses a pretty interesting challenge in reimagining workspaces. Prasad Ghodke, for starters, has a solution that helps easily turn boring walls into pop-out cubicles that are carefully distanced and separated from each other using fold-out partitions. Designed to help maximize space, occupy a small footprint, and more importantly be safe, the Pandemic Work Desk Concept (the name may sound more somber than intended) fits right into a wall, occupying practically no floor real-estate. Designed to retrofit into any wall, the Pandemic Work Desk Concept helps turn regular spaces into workspaces. Be it a small room in your home, a coworking space, or just anywhere in a coffee-shop… the Pandemic Work Desk Concept is a simple, full-featured working zone that opens up in mere minutes, and folds flat into the wall when you’re done.

The clever, foldable work-desk comes with a flexible chair and 180° table that gives you space to place your laptop, a couple of desk accessories, and even a cup of coffee/tea by your side. A small pocket on the side lets you store items you may need to access later like a pocket-book or some pens, and fold-out blinds on both sides give you the ability to instantly turn your space into a private zone, allowing you to bury yourself in your work and effectively distance from people working beside you. All you effectively need is a face-mask and WiFi!

Designer: Prasad Ghodke