A luxury electric RV that was designed by an aircraft engineer for a zero-emissions trip!

The pandemic has made many of us skeptical about air travel and has made road trips a more popular choice! People are more open to taking campers and exploring less crowded spots for a change of place after being cooped up in their homes for weeks. Those with an itch to travel have found quarantine difficult but the Bowlus Road Chief (Performance Edition) is here to give them the luxury trip of their dreams – yes, it probably costs as much as an international trip with first-class tickets with a price tag of $225,000. But in current times, you are better off buying a luxury camper than a private jet, especially one that reduces your carbon footprint!

The Bowlus Road Chief is truly the chief of luxury campers with its high-end features that enable a zero-emissions trip. The 26 feet long camper can house four people with sleeping and dining zones. It is no less than a hotel room with huge skylights in the main cabin crafted by the company’s best artisans to bring the outdoors inside and are optimized for stargazing. The skylights are made in the iconic the Bowlus Road Chief shape which allows for full tensile strength to transmit along the Road Chief exterior armor-like shell. The expensive RV is complete with an outdoor kitchen equipped with a 110V outlet and propane outlet. The set up lets each owner customize the fittings to their needs like induction cooktops, propane BBQ’s, or even a margarita blender are ready to plug and play. “The Bowlus Road Chief is as exquisite as it is distinctive. Like any fine work of art, the Road Chief is the result of spectacular design and meticulous craft. There is nothing in the world like a Bowlus Road Chief adventure,” says Geneva Long, CEO.

Originally conceived by aircraft builder, designer, and engineer Hawley Bowlus in 1934, the RV still shows its history in its aerodynamic, almost space shuttle-like shape which makes it stand apart from the usual breadbox-shaped trailers. The electrical power system is designed to make sustainable travel effortless and hassle-free. The yacht quality pure sine inverter has been upgraded from the previous models to a 3,000W for the Performance Edition. The lithium iron phosphate system’s capacity is doubled to 600 Ah/7680Wh for up to two weeks of off-grid battery use which makes long road trips possible without comprising the comfort of luxury facilities. A super impressive feature is that the system charges just in 3-4 hours for an RV that size and the entire power management system is connected via Bluetooth + the internet so that all critical data is easily accessible on your smartphone. Luxurious but also smart, energy-efficient, and safe in a pandemic for you to travel while being socially distant!

Designer: Bowlus Road Chief