This museum-inspired bicycle garage pushes the boundaries of urban mobility!

Netherlands’ largest bicycle parking garage has been built in the Hague right in front of the Central Station. This facility is constructed beneath the Koningin Julianaplein and turns the mundane task of parking your bike into a short, memorable experience. Studio Marsman and Silo came together to design a spatial concept that gives you a museum-like experience within a bicycle parking garage. This unconventional creative idea has not only enhanced the comfort and safety of the thousands of daily users, but it has also turned into an attraction in Hague!

With white ceilings, smart directional markings, spacious aisles, and back-lit glass walls, the design for this garage radiates modern aesthetics and a ‘clean’ feeling that is not usually associated with something underground (think New York subway stations!). The garage is large enough to provide a safe space for about 8,000 bicycles and rental bikes within a secure environment. Silo is a creative studio that is known for its out-of-the-box branding, digital, and spatial design, and that combined with Studio Marsman’s strengths makes this project an iconic symbol in Hague’s urban mobility network. “The integrated application of light and spatial identity makes the facility appear more spacious,” explains Rene Stoneman, Creative Director at Silo. “Moreover, the visual interventions support the intuitive orientation, making it easier to find back your bike at the end of the day.”

The most gaze-worthy interior design feature in this garage is the Escher-inspired light wall that encloses the parking facility. The past, present, and future architecture of the Hague forms the basis for one continuous image that comprises façade elements of the city’s buildings. Cyclists experience the city’s skyline in one smooth movement as they move across the space. The exits of the parking garage will be integrated with the above-ground development, which includes residential towers, commercial spaces, and a public square to ensure efficient movement from the first step to the last. The project aims to create a service-oriented facility with a future-proof design that not only makes it easier for the commuter to find his bike but also turns it into a pleasant experience. Did you ever think your public parking garage could basically be an art museum? 2020 continues to surprise us all!

Designers: Studio Marsman and Silo