Self-driving two-wheeler with enclosed cockpit makes intra-city travel safe during the pandemic

The Autonomous LDR came about as an idea to Luke Mastrangelo during the quarantine. Over the following days and weeks, Mastrangelo fleshed out his idea for an enclosed, safe, self-driving two-wheeler and the Autonomous LDR was born. Designed to be as comfortable as a car but as compact as a motorbike, the Autonomous LDR comes with an enclosed cockpit between two wheels… sort of like a Tron Light-Cycle for current times.

The Autonomous LDR (Long Distance Rover) seats one person inside its spacious cockpit, providing enough leg-room for a comfortable journey. “LDRs use a vision system of front and rear-mounted long-range and wide-angle cameras, radar, as well as circumferential proximity sensors to navigate road conditions and traffic”, says designer Mastrangelo. Designed to be less of a sporty, in-your-face two-wheeler, the Autonomous LDR assumes a slick, cocoon-like design with a matte finish, balancing a modern aesthetic with a design that feels safe, secure, and doesn’t scream for attention – it just gets you safely and efficiently from A to B while looking pretty classy.

Designer: Luke Mastrangelo