Transforming Moto Car

The Paraton-e concept merges motorcycle maneuverability with compact car practicality into a transformable urban commuter for the sensible thrill-seeker. The driver can choose between a configuration that leans and negotiates traffic like a motorcycle with a leaner profile, or a broader stance to deliver a stable and assisted driving experience with a reclined seating position suitable for higher speeds. Slim as a sidewalk, the variable width of the vehicle also makes parking a cinch.  

All wheels are attached to smart connection points with the ability to transform the track of the vehicle and camber of the individual wheels. In addition, Paraton-e’s tires are lined with electrically responsive material with the ability to alter their profile, ensuring the vehicle can lean and be controlled smoothly through turns.

Designer: Frederik Dallmeyer


  • Gold Stocks says:

    This looks awesome! So futuristic. I bet it will be crazy expensive though.

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