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The precious reward for centuries of astronomy has been spectacular images from the cosmos thanks to space telescopes like Hubble! We’re also being spoiled with rich imagery that isn‘t accessible from earth. Observing a planet with a telescope is an overwhelming experience, but many of us are disappointed at how abstract an astronomical observation can be, even using a powerful telescope.

Sternglas Alpha closes that gap. By combining a powerful 15×56 image-stabilized binocular with Augmented Reality-Technology you get the best of both worlds. Not only can you observe stars, planets and galaxies fairly close and with crisp detail, but you can also zoom in on the wonders of our cosmos and experience heavenly bodies such as Saturn or the Carina Nebula from close up, all thanks to modern projection and prism technology. It also allows you to display a full star chart onto the night sky – in real time. That way you can explore the universe from our tiny blue planet!

Designer: Nicolas Ortiz










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  • Stephen Sparks says:

    This is a pretty great invention for the future of consumer based Astronomy. A great way to make a stars interesting to the common public 🙂

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