Living Room designs that inspire your home decoration trends!

We are all acquainted with the expression – first impression is the last impression. It may be a cliché, but we can’t dismiss the fact that we tend to judge everything we set our eyes onto – be it a person, a dress, shoes, or even an apartment! To give an analogy, your living room is your most identifying feature, kind of like the face of your space. It is the first room we enter, it is where we entertain the most and it sets the tone for the rest of your home! To help you create a space that reflects your personality, this collection of designs showcase a warm, comfortable space, each of which is unique in its identity yet carries a strong characteristic of its own!

Given that its been raining where I live, Daniel Reuterswärd’s living room design is the perfect environment for me to curl up in, grab a book and sip a nice cup of hot chocolate, forgetting the COVID-filled world outside these walls! The muted green and rusty colored pallet, an airy coffee table contrasted with minimal wall decor gives this a subtle balance, letting the sofa and the light be the show-stealers!

Julia Skochemaro’s modern living room is a great example of clean lines and neutral colors. The living room is beautifully lit-up with natural light coming in from the big windows on one side while the minimal white lamp adds a minimal touch, merging with the white background and provide lighting without grabbing much attention.

While pastel colors are not the norm, Ira Lysiuk and Liza Nikulina’s living room design uses pale pink to add a breath of freshness to the room! The room boasts of a simple a two-tone palette, shades of neutral white and grey with the pastel color repeating itself in the table and the accent wall while the modern fireplace adds warmth to the entire space.

Here’s an unconventional design for those of you who like to experiment with their room. Igor Sirotov uses an entirely black layout using a hot pink accent furniture piece to brighten up the room. The bonsai holding coffee table reiterates the minimal layout of the room, adding a touch of Japanese element to this unique design.

Elegant, comfortable, and earthy, this living room by SH143 is good enough for me to move in and start living there at once! The earthy color palette is amplified by the use of natural textures and materials such as the grey marble slab behind the TV, the white marble coffee table and leather accent furniture.

Olivia Miller’s living room is an example of using a warm color palette throughout the room without overwhelming the senses. This design also balances the old with the new – with the modern gold-brushed coffee table to the traditional looking jute-woven chair and even the wicker basket that adds a lived-in comfort to the room.

Le Anh at Realhome Visual’s living room design is a beautifully fresh space and we love it! An accent chair, wooden block stools, metallic gold accent pieces, all set against a white palette allows each of the focal pieces to shine without taking away from the balance of the design. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on that rustic lamp!

Peter Janov designed for LUMO visual a living room design worthy of any modern age man! The design does a great job of modernizing traditional elements – from the accent wall that incorporates a minimal fireplace, vertical accent lines as well as a backlit bookshelf. The man-cave feels gets amplified with the dark leather bar as well as a matching dining space.

Alina Ursova’s living room manages the tiny space with ease, balancing a living space, dining space, and a kitchen without overcrowding the room. Added bonus points for the use of house plants, minimal modern light fixtures, and a unique blue to carry the theme across all the rooms.

Bishoy Emad’s living room design is a foodie’s paradise. Warm, fresh and inviting – the design instantly brings to mind the appreciation of fresh homemade food eaten at the comfort of your home.