Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: Part 4

Oh furniture, how I love you so. If there is one thing my Pinterest is full of, it is these gorgeous furniture pieces that I ogle over at regular intervals! While we all start off with IKEA for its simplicity, affordability and customization, these product designs with their attention to detail are designed to elevate your home to a whole new level! Each of these designs initially comes across as elegant pieces, it is upon closer inspection you see the detail and love of labor put into it that almost makes it a secret you share with your furniture and anyone else who has the same attention to detail as you do!

Hiroto Arima’s TV cabinet brings out the old, preserving it for the modern day. The elegant finishing of the cabin elevates the entire design, making it suitable for any space. In fact, I would make this the centerpiece of my home and arrange the remaining to match it!

Tim Denton brings together his love of furniture and high quality craftsmanship with the Display A – a collection of flexible furniture. Modular, perfect for everything from a small pop-up store, a cafe to even a DIY space, the Display A is the best way to display your love of labor and your skill while its design inspires you to attain the same level of details in your work!

Distinguished by its elegant formal shape and enhanced by its large rounded leather-wrapped arms, the Ryokō Armchair by David Girelli gives an instant feeling of calmness. Inspired by a Japanese folding chair from the 1960s, its features, materials, and joinery details elevate the lines and design elements of the chair. The loose back cushion adjusts around the ash frame when seated and offers an innovative sense of comfort.

The Komoda RTV, an oak dresser by Marcin Wyszecki is a modern classic product design, made with an attention to detail that defines its great quality. Sliding openwork fronts predispose the cabinet as an audio-RTV piece of furniture, allowing control pilot contact and excellent ventilation of electronic equipment.

Lozi Design used a supersized wave joint made from light solid ash and a variety of surface finishes to create the Wave Table. This perfect centerpiece is a part of their ‘wave series’ that highlights and adds a new dimension to any contemporary home. Lozi has also developed a new surface material for this table – by re-purposing their waste sawdust they have created a red sheeting material by mixing it with Bio Resin. Eco-friendly with a side of furniture details!

With an appearance that almost mimics the fragmented beauty of terrazzo, the PVC Bench by UAE-based designer Ammar Kalo relies on a new type of composite material developed by recycling old PVC drainpipes. The transparent resin reveals the multiple PVC shards in a way that seems to contrast the bench’s overall smooth, soft, organic design.

The Alato Cabinet by Pakawat Vijaykadga and Jumphol Socharoentham – students studying furniture design in Thailand uses a wave-like pattern to create a gradient of cool colors across its front panel. The designers chose the feathers to be the inspiration for the design, using the interlocking pattern to replicate the gradient of a bird’s feathers.

Atelier Moschata’s Paimio Chair uses wooden joinery to set up this beautiful chair. The balance of the ash wood and the pale white back gives the overall design an airy-ness, making it great for using outdoors as well as indoors!

Culturally, the Japanese have been known for their attention to detail while maintaining a minimal aesthetic and this same technique can be seen in Hamanshi Design’s Paraboloid Chair. Composed of a bentwood frame and a characteristic rope back, the hyperbolic form tightens up the diagonal rope back and can be optimized as per the user’s back to disperse pressure.

Roberto Paoli’s Pippi Chair for Midj in Italy stands out from the crowd with its bright orange color. With the frame of the chair upholstered by fabric to add an interesting dimension, the collection also includes chairs, armchairs, and lounge chairs with armrests and two stools.

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