This tiny mobile home uses aerodynamics to reduce energy consumption by 15%

At the time of writing this, half of 2020 was over and there were mixed feelings of relief and anticipation. Relief because we made it so far (including the Mayan doomsday prediction!) and anticipation because is it going to now turn into ‘Jumanji The Next Level’ or can we start figuring out our travel plans? Either way, we can all agree we need a break and a change of scene from our homes, and the only safe way to get both those things is through a tiny mobile home like the Alto 2124!

The Alto series by Canadian motorhome company, Safari Condo, is a range of high-functioning trailers that can double up as a mobile home or as a camper. They also happen to be environmentally friendly while being ultralight and aerodynamic. The frame of the trailer uses composite materials and Alufiber aluminum which has a honeycomb structure that makes it as strong as fiberglass. The wedge-shaped trailer comes fully equipped for you to actually live there full time if you wanted to with all essential appliances and provisions for a stove, water systems and power. “The newest Safari Condo seems perfect for anyone who wants to bring the comfort of home to the outside world while spewing fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the process. The wedge-shaped trailer uses 15% less energy while being towed than the company’s earlier models, in spite of being roughly 900 pounds heavier than the latter trailer,” says the team.

At 2,568 lbs, the A2124 is light enough to be towed by a regular Subaru Outback. Another similar model, 2414, stands at 2,947 lbs as it provides more space due to its traditional rectangular shape. Both the trailers fit within the 5000 lbs towing capacity of a Tesla Model X which was used to test the mobile campers on the streets. The build is aerodynamically-optimized to save energy as well as reduce cost and pollution related to fuel while still making the most of its compact space – suited for four people to live in complete with a dining area, kitchen, shower, toilet, a swivel wardrobe, plenty of storage and separate sleeping zones! If we are moving towards a flexible remote lifestyle, then I would like to turn it into a long road trip with this environmentally friendly tiny home-camper!

Designer: Safari Condo

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